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LAN Yan photography

The Mid Autumn Festival and national day appear on the same day , This kind of collision seems to be trying to tell us , Make sure it's special .

This is not the first time , Although I didn't remember the exact date at the beginning , But I was deeply impressed that I must have experienced . In order to test this impression, I went to Baidu for verification , Turned out to be 2001 year .

2001 year , Distance now 19 Years. .

19 year , It's a small number , In the years that have been achieved , It's been so long .

But a blink of an eye ,19 So the years passed , The sweet and sour taste of this is placed on anyone who has a little experience , I'm afraid it will be a flower language that can't be finished overnight .

LAN Yan photography

The next double festival like today will appear again , Will be in 2031 year , That is to say 11 after .

11 year , Another one that doesn't look impressive , In fact, long and short years . Think about your age now , Add one 11 What will happen after ?

Maybe from youth to middle age , Or from middle age to old age . Every age group with a noun title , Reading always gives people too many inexplicable emotional hints .

Like right now , I'm imagining myself 11 Years later , I turn around and watch the pony sleep beside me , Will be inexplicably some sad .

The cause of sadness is not myself 11 After year , Transition to real middle age , Will really experience the old and the lower have small firewood, rice, oil and salt , It's thinking 11 After year , The pony is approaching adulthood , He won't depend on me as much as he does now , He began to have what he wanted to do , From then on, I will gradually stay away from my mother .

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