Splash water, wet body, eat chicken! Ten thousand tickets of water world are free. Mangdangshan invites you to enjoy a cool summer!

2020-11-19 22:27:28  作者:Open your eyes and see the world

Some people say ,

There are two times for summer happiness ,

One was that summer ,

One is to come to Mangdangshan now !

Come to Mangdangshan , Enjoy the cool summer ! Body and soul , There must be one on the way !

Come here to , Experience characteristic 《 Chu Han Water Splashing Festival 》

“ Chu Han Water Splashing Festival ” It's an improved version of the traditional way of playing chess , It's designed to be in this relaxed way , Let more tourists know and like Chinese chess , Love Chinese culture !

Come here to , Feel the joy of 《 Animation water world 》

Dragon spits beads 、 Rapid slide 、 Underwater submarines

You wait for a variety of large water projects to unlock !

ad locum

Get wet !

Playing with water and taking selfie

It can also change into net red in minutes ,

Why not come ?

Play with water ? Do you like fishing ?!

Just sit quietly like that , On one side is the calm water , One side is the chirping of birds , The sun is falling on the green grass , Forget about the other worries , Focus on the movement of the fishing rod , It's really wonderful ~ Bring the children to Mangdang Mountain for fishing , Take him to learn how to stick to things , Learn to give , Learn to laugh at the gains and losses .

Only food and love can live up to it

Have a good time , Food is indispensable !

It's a beer barbecue stall here ,

You can light a campfire together ,

Enjoy the world cup !

Seasonal fruit is just in time !

In the summer , It's the time when fruits are the most diverse , Mangdangshan peach and grape 、 Strawberries and other fruits have entered the mature stage . Ten thousand orchards , There are many branches , Fruity in the nose , It's all natural and green . Take the children to Mangdang Mountain to travel , By the way, an ecological picking , Let children get close to nature , Let love grow with company !

prosperous ! Tonight to eat chicken !

8 Times mirror 、98K、AWM... The hottest game of the year 《 The Jedi survive 》 Everyone must have heard of , Do you always want to experience the feeling of being in the battlefield ? just ! The real man of Mangdangshan CS The base can ! Make an appointment with your partner , Make sure you get a lot of excitement too , It's about screaming ! Play is the heartbeat !

Activity rules

/ As long as you keep 3* Days to forward this article to the circle of friends , You can get the value 29 Yuan mang Dangshan valley water world ticket 1 Zhang .( notes : You have to bring two people with you for free , The accompanying personnel can enjoy the reduction of the tax 9 Yuan discount )

/* Collection time : Complimentary Ticket 2018 year 07 month 20 recently

/* Customer service hotline :0370-5876777

/* How to get it : According to the wechat friends circle forwarding records, get it at the Mangdangshan valley water world ticket office

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