Summer cool, 99% of the people do not know that there is a beautiful summer here!

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Summer travel , It's always reminiscent of the fear of being dominated by surging crowds and grinding heat . But there are always places , When the summer wind blows all over North China , They're still cool .


Walking into the old world ridge , It's like being in a natural oxygen bar , Fresh and pleasant , And the most distinctive is the wooden villa group , It's on a high mountain , The surrounding vegetation is rich , Average temperature 16℃, Scarce resources , Do not copy . If I could in the early morning of summer , Facing the rising sun , Take a deep breath in the mountains , Beauty is not true !

Address of the scenic spot : Taiping Town, Xixia County, Nanyang City, Henan Province

Self driving route :

zhengzhou 、 Kaifeng route : zhengzhou / kaifeng -- Zheng shaoluo Expressway -- Luoluan highway -- Luanchuan -- Temple -- Taiping town -- Laojieling

Longtan Grand Canyon

The mountains are high and the scenery is deep , The clear sound of the valley . The Longtan Grand Canyon in summer can always give people the enjoyment of beauty , No polluted air , Pure nature , Mountain trees 、 Birds and animals 、 The river 、 lakes , It's cool and beautiful here , At this moment, it seems to belong to you .

Address of the scenic spot : Longtangou village, Shijing Town, Xin'an County, Luoyang City

Self driving route :

Luoyang direction : From Luoyang to Huoyang -- Get off the highway at Xin'an exit ( Turn right )-- Stone temple town -- Shijing town ( Turn left at Qiankou bridge )-- Follow the signs 5 Km is the scenic spot ( Get off the highway to the scenic area about 48 km )

Seventy two pools

Midsummer enters 72 pools , Always be deeply impressed by its beauty , Look at the smart water, layers of water spray , It's like having a life , Tracing the stream 、 Walking waterfall , When the foot reaches into the cool spring , All your heat and depression will be swept away , Only the whole body is fresh and comfortable .

Address of the scenic spot : Yangji Township, Fangcheng County, Nanyang city

Self driving route :

Zhengzhou direction : zhengzhou -- Beijing Zhuhai expressway -- xuchang -- Lannan Expressway -- Fangcheng -- Luyao provincial road -- Seventy two pools

Wanxian mountain

Wanxian mountain is located in the hinterland of Taihang Mountain in the northwest of Huixian City, Henan Province , There are magnificent and boundless stone wall landscape here 、 It also has the charming and elegant charm of mountains and villages , At the same time, the third “ Xinxiang International Wushu Culture Tourism Festival ”, At that time, the martial arts experts of all schools 、 Martial arts enthusiasts will come here , Build a martial arts dream together ! Are you ready to come ?

Address of the scenic spot : Guoliang village, Nanzhai Town, shayao Township, Huixian City, Xinxiang City

Self driving route :

Xinxiang direction : Xinxiang North Ring Road -- Turn right at Xinhui interchange --( Welcome to Huixian ) Huixian North Ring -- Turn right at Sanqing bridge --13 Kilometer Yugong Cave -- Turn left at Nam Tsuen 15 km Turn left at T-junction in Nanzhai town ( There are road signs )-- go 10 Km to Wanxian mountain scenic area


Hot summer , It's a wise choice to come to Hanshan mountain , Some people describe it as a rare pure land in the world , It's primitive and simple , Only those who have been there know , Endless green , With the cool mountain breeze , It's comfortable in the afternoon, without the slightest hint of hot sunshine , All your fantasies about summer , It can satisfy you here .

Address of the scenic spot : Hexi village, Guxian Town, Lingbao City

Self driving route :

Lingbao west exit of Lianyungang Huoshan Expressway faces west 20 You can get to Hanshan scenic area in minutes

the longevity hill

Green mountains and green water complement each other , Make a sky blue 、 amethystine 、 Sabai 、 Lin Lu 、 Jingmei 、 A summer resort on the island , There's no trouble with work , No polluted air , There are just leisurely mood and slow down rhythm , Sit and watch the sun set 、 Clouds roll and clouds ease , This is the beauty of life .

Address of the scenic spot : Changshou mountain scenic spot, Zhulin Town, Gongyi City, Henan Province 310 Beside the National Road

Self driving route :

Zhengzhou direction : Zheng Shanglu --310 The national highway 60 km -- Bamboo forest Changshou mountain

The fairy cave

Shenxian cave is located in Xinmi City , long 5 km , The hole is like a dragon , The natural landscape in the cave is mainly stalactite and stalagmite , At the same time, the underground river 、 Clear springs and many caves are distributed among them , exquisitely carved , colourful , Known as the capital of Zhengzhou “ Back garden ”, The temperature in the cave is 16—18 degree , It's cool , It's a good place to stay cool in summer .

Address of the scenic spot : Shenxian Cave Scenic Spot of Fuxi mountain, Jianshan Township, Xinmi City, Zhengzhou city

Self driving route :

Zhengzhou direction : zhengzhou -- Zheng Shao Expressway -- New Mississippi ( Turn right )-- Shipokou -- The fairy cave

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is like a dream woman , Ten thousand kinds of tenderness . Her gentle character always makes you reluctant to leave , ad locum , Whether it's a view , Listen to the flowers bloom and fall , Watch the butterfly dance, the butterfly flies ; Or listen to the story , Liang and Zhu are becoming butterflies together , It's sad and confused , Count the beauty and regret in life , Butterfly Valley always brings you different surprises .

Address of the scenic spot : Three kilometers south of Luanchuan County, Luoyang City, Henan Province

Self driving route :

Zhengzhou direction : zhengzhou -- Huo Lianyungang expressway -- Transfer to Zhengzhou shaoluo expressway -- Get off at Miaozi station on luoluan expressway -- Luanchuan Butterfly Valley

Yi River drifting

scorching summer sun , For people who always want to find a cool place , Yi River rafting is a good choice , Experience adventure and excitement at the same time , You can also feel cool and comfortable , There are dense forests on both sides of the Strait , Formed a natural green barrier , A cool summer , Drifting will surely satisfy your imagination of summer .

Address of the scenic spot : Old county town, Song County, Luoyang City, Henan Province

Self driving route :

Zhengzhou direction : zhengzhou -- Zheng shaoluo Expressway -- Yichuan north down the highway -- Luoluan highway -- At the exit of the old county 2 km

Happy Valley of ice and snow century

Ice and snow theme park , Covers an area of 7000 square , It's an amusement park for all ages , Slide dive 、 Snow field Sahuan 、 Fairy tale castle 、 Prince and Princess 、 Triumphal Arch 、 Colorful bowling 、 Time ice bar 、 A bumper car on the ice 、 Ice bike , King glory and more classic cartoon characters , Take you to find childhood memories .

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