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Ten years of backpacking · Shangri la store , Come for you

Lijiang store is the first (2014 year ), Shangri la store is the second (2016 year ). I still remember that when the second one just opened, it was May Day , I won the prize by forwarding it on Weibo , And it's a pity that I didn't come to , The winning prize will be expired . But always thinking about , It has to come once .

At that time, I won the lottery, and I was so happy , But there is no such fate , Not able to come here . So this time I'm here for you —— Ten years of backpacking · Shangri la store .

Screenshot of circle of friends

This is the microblog information released by brother Xiaopeng at that time .

Micro-blog screenshots

Recently I heard that backpacking has been ten years · Chengdu store (2018) It will open in June , Go where you want to go , And that's where it goes , You're welcome .

After writing down the year, I found that this is the rhythm of opening a store in two years , Will it continue to spread , It's amazing , I can't imagine , Wait ( Guessing …).

Say the words in front of this text : This is a very complete picture sharing . It's true sharing , Share with those who can't come .

Of course , Please don't spit , I have a way of dealing with other people “ privacy ” Exposed discomfort .

I took the pictures myself ( Except for my own photos ), A few of them + It can be seen from the filter . The others are original pictures .


4.30 Japan 18:15 Arrive at Shangri La store safely

Check in , Put your luggage away , Run out and see the environment , Get familiar , The feeling here is totally different from Lijiang store .

You've been in backpacking for ten years , Please keep your eyes wide , Feel with your heart .


Backpack ten years of punch in the necessary wall , A disgusting car , There's no way I can punch in yoga .

** Backpack ten years youth park on the vast grassland , We're just a glimmer of light **

Ten years of backpacking

Life is a Journey.

Ten years of backpacking

The front desk

May day activities

ok , The above information is almost what I saw on my first day here .

The activity in the evening is roast suckling pig , Attend at your own expense . It's hard to come out and play , Sign up . The next few are from the store staff . They have photographers , major .

Roasted Suckling Pig

Yak kebab

The dog in the shop

See this group photo , I can't sit down , Why not me ? Where did I go at that time ? Why no one called me ……

A group photo

In the evening, I eat roast suckling pig , Eat roast yak kebab , Eat fruit . And then listen to them K song , Because I was sitting next to me writing a short book .

5.1 Japan Shop day

I don't know why. I still have insomnia , Thirsty and dry ,3 spot 5 spot 7 I can't help it , Get up and wash , Then I found a shabby yoga mat and started yoga on the second floor platform . May day , Welcome the new month with the day of worship .

** May , Hello , May , come on. . shangri-la , Good morning, .**

Did 20 All over , And then it's dinner , Go to have dinner . After dinner, I walked around .

On the second floor, you can see everything , I don't have to tell you . The guest rooms , Dining area , Entertainment area , And the bleachers .


Audience Area

On the first floor Entertainment area

In the morning, I used this little Trojan horse to play cards .

Trojan horse

Rooms on the second floor / café

From the window on the second floor, you can see the backyard and the small tent in the yard .

Well equipped 3 Building storeroom

Colorful graffiti cabinet

3 Let's read it

I want to come here to read books , And then I forgot .

Outdoor Article

These are taken after the filter . It's in the yard of backpacking for ten years . I guess our bonfire party will be held here in the evening .


Table tennis , mahjong ……

Tibetan houses

ok , Out of the hospital . This is a new house nearby , It is said that the thicker the pillar is, the richer the family is .

Bridal chamber 1

Bridal chamber 2

Fortunately, I had a chance to get close to the two new houses , Compare it , house 1 It's rich , ha-ha .

village committee

This is also the white tower , The place where Tibetans pray every day .

The white

A house under construction .

Build a house

This is a small school near here . Next to it, there are free pigs , ha-ha .

Primary school

The small trees here are all clumps , The house under the shade of small trees .

This is the most magnificent glass sunshine room in this area .


These animals are too free , They're all free range , Walk everywhere , Not afraid of people .

The pig

The pig


Yaks on the road

Cattle plants

Yoga clock in photo

Asked who's good at taking pictures here , He recommended me the photographer in red , He took pictures with his camera , Like it very much .

My favorite is the beautiful colorful wings , Flying self , Fly bravely .

I hope to see you here , There was also a spiritual journey .

It's far from the city , Away from the hustle and bustle , All that remains is peace , And compare the sincerity between each other .

You'll forget the complexity of your life , There is no pressure , There is no desire , The real feeling is 【 Live in the present 】.

The above is the beautiful scenery that I have recorded all the way in the range of activities for ten years around my backpack .

2018.05.01 16:40 unfinished ……

Night's star bonfire party

Backpack ten years store celebration

Xiao Peng sharing meeting

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