Wang Bo and Tengwang Pavilion

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China's famous pavilions and pavilions , It's because of a preface , And the world famous , It belongs to Tengwang Pavilion ! Preface is written by people , So , Because Teng Pavilion is famous in the world , He is Wang Bo . What Wang Bo did 《 Pavilion of Prince Teng Preface 》 The best in the world “ Sunset and solitary herons fly together , The autumn river shares a scenic hue with the vast sky ” Make Tengwang Pavilion famous all over the world . It's Wang Bo's 《 Pavilion of Prince Teng Preface 》 Created the glory of Tengwang Pavilion !

Pavilion of Prince Teng

Nanchang is not a very famous place in history , Most people know Tengwang Pavilion , Only then did I know that Nanchang's . It was only in modern times that it became famous , The reason is that our army was founded from the Nanchang Uprising on August 1 !

Wang Bo is a genius . Genius is often out of tune with his time ; Genius often dies young ; Genius often leaves behind achievements beyond the reach of posterity .

Pavilion of Prince Teng

In the early Tang Dynasty , The poet Wang BOCAI is famous , Name crown " Four heroes of the early Tang Dynasty "( namely : Wang Bo 、 Yang Jiong 、 Lu Zhaolin 、 lo bingwang ) first . Because of a pen and ink game 《 Call on the king chicken 》 And it's famous both in the government and in the public . Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty believed that the purpose of this article was to sow dissension , He was ordered to be expelled from Chang'an . Six years later , Wang Bo conceals the criminal slave Cao da , Reported by colleagues . Cao Da died suddenly in Wang Bo's house ," Killing officials and slaves ", According to the law of the Tang Dynasty , Commit a capital crime . Wang Bo's father was also implicated , To be demoted to an official ( Today, the north and south of Vietnam ) For the sake of .

A.D. 674 In the autumn , Wang Bo goes to prison to be beheaded . But I was lucky to meet the emperor's amnesty , To avoid death , But he was forever banished from the upper class . The sad poet sent his best friend Du Jing to Sichuan as an official , Wrote down the famous lines of eternal praise “ have bosom friends afar , The end of the earth is like a neighbor ”. A.D. 675 year , Wang Bo went to visit his father , This is the last chapter of his life .

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