Where to play the Dragon Boat Festival? These 8 super scenic areas in Henan will bring you new tricks!

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The Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice has been issued

For three days ! For three days

Do you want to go where you want to play

I don't want to be afraid

Today, the old editor picked it for you

The most suitable summer resort for Dragon Boat Festival

There's always a great experience for you

Where is the Dragon Boat Festival suitable for three days Recommended itinerary for three day tour of Dragon Boat Festival


Activity 1 : Online interaction missing Zong Li 、 Ten thousand yuan ticket Award (5 month 24-6 month 20)

Tiktok short video during activity 、 Dolphin Viso /# Travel with rice dumplings /# Challenge or topic participate in interaction , You can win 1000 Miss zongzi gift bags and 10000 yuan tickets

Activity 2 : Dragon Boat Festival sweet salted rice dumpling competition (6.16-6.18)

Activity period , Visitors can not only participate in the evaluation of sweet and salty rice dumplings , It can also be used in the specified activity time 、 Place to get 10000 pieces of Miss rice dumplings

Activity 3 : Lucky wheel (6.16-6.18)

Shennong mountain

Activity 1 : The first sweet and salty rice dumpling competition (6.16-6.18)

In Shennong Cultural Square ,5000 Miss rice dumplings and exquisite gifts , In addition, you are invited to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival Knowledge Q & A and wonderful rice dumpling competition

Activity 2 : tread “ Dragon Boat ” Father's love (6.16-6.18)

With my father “ Dragon Boat ” On , A different one “ Father's love in Dragon Boat ”. Take a picture of you and your father , Uploaded to the “ Shennong mountain ” The official account of WeChat can receive a beautiful gift at the tourist service center's information desk.

Activity 3 : Guessing riddles during the Dragon Boat Festival 、 Shennong mountain tells you “687”(6.16-6.18)

Activity 4 : Launching ceremony of crazy stone creative competition (6.16-6.18)


Activity 1 : Free taste of special herbal tea

The tourist service center of Mangdangshan tourist area has carefully prepared heat clearing and detoxification 、 Special herbal tea for eliminating heat and disease , Free during the Dragon Boat Festival , Bring a little cool in the hot summer .

Activity 2 : Jump Zhong Kui 、 Shooting five poisons 、 Saxiong yellow rice wine

The Dragon Boat Festival is traditionally known as the evil moon , May day every year , Folk hanging calamus 、 Artemisia argyi 、 Drinking realgar rice wine has the effect of eliminating diseases and epidemic diseases . Visitors can enjoy the living fossil of Chinese dance during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday —— Nuo dance performance in Han Dynasty , Get the grain blessing given by Nuo God , There are also opportunities to take photos with Nuo dancers .

Activity 3 : Experience making zongzi in Hanfu

Activity 4 : Cultural Knowledge Q & A

Activity 5 : For school age youth “ coming-of-age ceremony ”


Dragon Boat Festival , It's the Dragon Boat Festival . Moxa , Fragrant . On the Dragon Boat Festival 、 Father's Day , Accompany my father to Baotianman scenic spot , Have a look , Delicious food , Enjoy cool summer , Beauty is not true ?

Activity content : Dragon Boat Festival “ Zongzi ” love , Father's day free (6.16-6.18)

To carry forward the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival and pay tribute to the great father's love , Double festival is coming , Baotianman Scenic Area “ Love ” Open door , Free tickets for all fathers !

Shenling stronghold

At this time, the sea of clouds in Shenling Village 、 A starry night 、 Stone waterfall 、 Xiantan , You don't want to go home ! Colorful dry skating 、 Mongolian Customs 、 Crying fountain 、 Drop a bowl of wine .... ad locum , Not only can you overcome the addiction of zongzi , It also releases your stress , Let your Dragon Boat Festival cool up !

Activity content :10000 Free rice dumplings (6.16-6.18)

This dragon boat festival meets father's day , Shenlingzhai launches a grand zongzi eating Festival , Invite thousands of people to eat God's rice dumplings . Taste rice dumplings , You can also experience the fun of picking rice dumpling leaves


The mountains surround , Green water blend , Wandering in the landscape , Or swim in the water , Or summer to enjoy the cool , Everything is full of endless fun , Especially in this hot summer , If you can go boating in baligou Scenic Area 、 swim 、 drift , It is also a comfortable thing .

Activity content :6.15 to 8.31, The examinee is qualified by himself 、 High admission examination certificate , You can enjoy the free admission policy , But traffic insurance is needed .

Daimei mountain

At this time, I walked into Daimei mountain , It's like falling into a green ocean , Dark green and quiet , The stream is like a line , The clouds are misty and dim in the mountains .

Activity content : Dragon Boat Festival “ Zongzi ” love , Free tickets for father's Day (6.16-6.18)

Welcome to Daimei Mountain Scenic Area “ Father's Day ” The arrival of the , Giving back to the whole society , Free tickets for all male friends ( Need to buy 5 Yuan insurance )

Participate in the way : WeChat official account of Dai Meishan Scenic Area , reply 521, Learn more about free !!

Baodu Village

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