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Facing the ocean , Spring flowers

I was born in the north , There has always been a yearning for the sea , From time to time I would like to go to the seaside , Blow wind , Look at the waves . The north sea , It has become the first choice of our travel destination .

Silver Beach

Beihai is a coastal city surrounded by the sea on three sides , The development of tourism is relatively less developed , So the smell of commercialization is not very heavy . Especially Weizhou Island , In the evening, I have to stay in my room , There's almost no entertainment other than bars , Therefore, Weizhou Island is definitely the most ideal resort .

Silver Beach, beach

Two big beaches in the North Sea : Silver beach and Qiaogang beach , It's the most beautiful beach I've ever seen , The water is clean , The sand is fine and white , The beach is flat and open , It is said that one hundred meters to the sea , The beach will be flat , You can play with water and catch waves . Crab holes in the sand , In and out of the small crab is absolutely the biggest feature of silver beach , I can't help but want to catch , But the little crabs are flexible , For a long time , The bottle is still empty . The Qiaogang beach at sunset is the most beautiful , The waves receded , The beach becomes a mirror , The beauty of Qiaogang beach is displayed without reservation ……

Qiaogang beach at night

In the North Sea , There's a nearly 200 year old street , Beihai old street . On both sides of the street are Chinese and Western arcade buildings , As a shop , A shopping street with ancient Roman architectural style . The old street in the daytime , There is more silence , Less impetuous . I can't help thinking , What will the old street look like at night ……

The old street in the daytime

There's a nice cafe on the old street , Anna 1986 time , If you are tired of shopping, you can go in and sit down , Have a cup of coffee , Turn over a few pages of books , Write a postcard , Brush the wechat circle of friends , They are very good choices .

Weizhou island

Weizhou Island is an island located in the South Beibu Gulf of Beihai city , It's the biggest in China 、 The youngest volcanic island in the world . Weizhou Island has a small area , The main means of transportation is small electric vehicles , It's very convenient to rent a car , Set the trip , A few days even rent will be more cost-effective . Three bus routes have been opened on the island , There are also sightseeing buses between various scenic spots , It's just a little expensive .

Take a boat to get on the island

An hour and a half by boat , It's the only way of transportation from Beihai to Weizhou Island . We are very glad to have a good weather , You can get to Weizhou Island , It's just that I've been on a boat many times , But on the boat leading to Weizhou Island .

Fantey West Seaview Hotel

Time to play on the island , We stayed at the fantexi Seaview Hotel near Dishui Danping , Facing the ocean , It's very pleasant . The path indicated from the photo , You can get to the beach in two minutes , Dishui Danping scenic spot . Don't experience it yourself , You won't understand how the name of Dishui Danping comes from .

Dripping Danping

One thing you must experience on the island is to ride an electric car to Nanwan seafood market , Choose the freshest seafood , Bring it back to the hotel for processing , Almost every hotel on Weizhou Island has its own seafood processing . When it comes to this , Van tersey is the most proud choice of the trip , The location and environment of the hotel should not be mentioned , The processed seafood is even more delicious .

Delicious seafood

This is the seafood that my husband and I bought in Nanwan seafood market , The hotel staff did it , Isn't it delicious ! Looking at the pictures, I can't help but regret , I wish I had bought more ……

Crocodile Mountain Park

Crocodile mountain park is located in the crater Geopark , It's the core of the Geopark , It's also the only scenic spot on the island that needs to check in , Enter with your ticket and ID card . When you enter the garden, you can see the towering white lighthouse , In a red Bougainvillea and green plants against the background, especially eye-catching .

Crocodile mountain trestle

Crocodile mountain park along the artificial steps and plank road , On one side is the vast blue sea , On one side is the marvelous variety of marine erosion landforms , Together constitute a landscape, unique scenery , Slowly telling the story of time ……

catholic church

The Catholic Church is a typical Gothic building , Built with local coral stones . Stand in front of it , The heavy sense of history is coming , It's just the red couplet , Added a little bit of festivity .

The interior decoration of the church is warm and elegant , It's very emotional . Just a lot of tourists , And anyone can go in and out at will , Take photos freely , In addition to the hot weather , So it feels a bit messy , Less solemn feeling of Xu Zhuang .

catholic church

I'm not a believer , It's just attracted by this wall full of flowers , I want to accompany my husband to see this famous Catholic Church , Take a few more beautiful pictures .

Colorful beach

Colorful beach , A sea cave of rare scale , Sea erosion cliffs and sea erosion platforms “ The trinity ” The sea erosion landform of , It's a great place to take pictures , Especially at sunrise or sunset , But you must ignore the scenery on the way from the entrance to the beach .

Curtain Cliff

Watch the sunset on the screen cliff , It's amazing to cry …… Screen cliff can't be found in navigation , Can only be positioned to Muya Sea View Hotel , And then it's up to the local people to guide them .

The shores of the curtain Cliff

The unfathomable shore at the bottom of the cliff , Layers of waves hit the cliff , Make a crisp noise , The waves broke into pieces . This is the coastal scene that I yearn for most in my heart , The trip to Weizhou Island has fulfilled this dream .

The waves of the curtain Cliff

Although I have been longing for such a sight for a long time , But when I'm really on the edge of a cliff , Thinking about looking down at the sea , But the legs can't help but soften , So I sincerely admire those people who take wedding photos on the cliff ……

Sunset time

Indulge in the sunset , It's amazing how wonderful nature is , The setting sun is no longer dazzling , And turned into a soft spot of light , As gentle and quiet as a pretty girl .

In the North Sea , Seafood is indispensable for every meal , It's not greasy to eat , I have to say that the seafood in the North Sea is really delicious . I'm not a foodie , But they are very picky about what they eat , I really ate a lot of delicious food during the trip , I have to say .

Chestnut Sago Syrup

Play on the silver beach , Eat in overseas Chinese port , It has become a saying , It turns out to be true . I'm the first snack in Qiaogang style street 24 Sugar water , His family's Chestnut Sago Syrup and mango fried ice are perfect , We ate many times , Up to now, my husband still can't forget it . Vietnam spring roll of Mekong family 、 Crab powder is also delicious , Their seafood is very good , Is worth to recommend .

Shrimp cake

In the old street, you must remember to taste shrimp cakes , Look at the oil , In fact, it's not greasy at all , It's quite delicious .

Guilin landscape

I saw the sea , I especially want to see the mountains , So we decided to go north to Guilin , Take a look at the landscape of Guilin —— Lijiang River , And the famous West Street of Yangshuo . Yangshuo is the same as Lijiang , It is said to be a place where you can have sex at any time . After walking through the ancient city of Lijiang , I always have an idea to go to Yangshuo West Street ……

Yitian West Street

Yitian West Street is a part of West Street , It's just opened up , There is a shop called cat's sky city , In addition to the common books and postcards , There are also some signature letters , Yangshuo special decorations, etc , It's very delicate , It's a very emotional store .

To the future of us

Go into the store , Order two drinks , Sit in a daze , Write a postcard to three or two friends and your future self , To live up to the good times of the moment ……

Cat's Sky City

perhaps , Just sitting there , Listen to music , Look at the message books written by our predecessors , I also write down my little sentiment , Make life a poem ……

The sky bar of pony

There are lots of bars on West Street , All kinds of decoration from inside to outside attract people's attention . After a few turns , We chose this little horse's day bar , Very good . The singer's pretty face , Super magnetic voice , Singing a familiar and unfamiliar folk song , It's very nice to hear ……

20 RMB background

Choose to drift on Lijiang River , But I don't know because of the Li River Dragon Boat Race accident a few days ago , Lijiang River rafting is under visitor control , We waited for more than three hours to get on the electric bamboo raft drifting on Lijiang River , It happened to be a heavy rain , Let's have a misty rain tour of Lijiang River , Seems to feel more .

My husband and I are in 20 I took a group photo in front of the background of RMB , Typical tourist photos , Leng is to turn a trip into a feeling of travel . But it's also the only photo we've taken on the trip that's pretty good , It's worth saving .

Yulong River

Small bamboo drainage midstream , Walk on both sides of the towering green mountains …… No wonder everyone says that Yulong River is the epitome of Lijiang River , I hope . The raft is walking in the water , People are swimming in paintings , Everything is so beautiful , I hope time will stop at that moment ……

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