Impression of Wuhan · day 3 (1)

2020-11-19 22:24:18  作者:Open your eyes and see the world

A few days in Wuhan , Almost every day 2 More than ten thousand steps , Back in the hotel, after washing up, it's almost to 11:30, So travel notes did not insist on writing everyday .

This morning, the cruise had a self financing program “ Three Gorges people ”, But because there was a translation before the trip, only the first draft was handed in , In addition, it is quite tiring to run around Wuhan for days , This self paid tour project chose to give up . When I tell the translation company my plan —— When I checked the manuscript during my break this morning , He told me , Don't worry about it , His client won't be home until next week 、 Some reference materials can only be provided after the customer returns home , I'll check again when his information arrives .

Tourists who can take part in self paid tours 7:45 We've set out , Then I will continue to nag my so-called travel notes here .

The third day to Wuhan , I went to Guiyuan temple in the morning . Guiyuan Temple AAAA Scenic areas , There were five courtyards , But at present, only three are open .

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On the way to Guiyuan Temple by bus , My daughter chatted with me , Guiyuan temple is also very effective . My daughter mentioned , The Sleeping Buddha Temple in Beijing is also said to be very effective , In particular, students who want to apply to study abroad usually go to Wofo temple to worship Buddha , Because of the homophony of Sleeping Buddha offer.

Why is tourism, which costs both people and money, more and more attractive in the hearts of the public , I think , It can enlighten the mind 、 This function of increasing people's knowledge should be of great credit ?

The name of Guiyuan temple comes from the Buddhist scriptures 《 The Shurangama Sutra 》:“ There is no other way to return to Yuan Dynasty , There are many doors for convenience ”, It means : Everything is one , There are many convenient ways for people . In dealing with people , We need more “ For the good of others 、 It's convenient for people ” It's just !

The three courtyards of Guiyuan temple are open now , The first one we went into was the Weituo hall ( The sign at the gate of the hall says Wei Tuo hall ).

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