You go to Zhangjiajie, I'll pay for the hotel!

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There's a lot of trivia these days , Spinning like a top , Every day's exercise is slack , I just want ge you to lie down .

At this time, my best friend who was traveling in Tibet sent a picture , say : The meaning of travel is in this moment , Slow down and talk to the world .

I am very excited to see .

Some time ago, she was very tired because no one was taking care of her children , On balance , Send the child back home , And then I went to Tibet , Adjust your mood and get ready to return to the workplace .

She wrote : Travel is like medicine , Heal my past , Cure me of confusion .

You bet , Soul and body , There's only one party on the road , You won't lose the fighting spirit of life .

From the original pool of stagnant water of life , Step on the train to the distance , Feel the life of another city , Looking forward to a sunrise , Immersed in a lush green , Looking back at the people in the dim lights ; Talk to nice strangers , Visit the local morning market , The heartstrings are stirred like this , Until a moment , You suddenly understand the problem that has been bothering you for many days , You come out of your depression , Full of sunshine .

Let's have a walk on the go trip !

In view of the impact of recent international travel events , Beautiful mountain, beautiful water, more beautiful 5A Zhangjiajie is a good choice .

Mountains connect to the sky , Half the mountain is misty and rainy, and the other half is sunny ” It is the best description of Zhangjiajie's climate and geomorphology , If you like health care , There's value here 5 Dollar air , The natural oxygen bar deserves to be .

Tianmen Mountain

Famous mountains and rivers are everywhere , Only the Golden Whip is extraordinary ” It is no doubt that the mountain is a good place to stay cool in the hot summer .

Jin Bianxi

Parking and sitting in love maple forest late , Frost leaves are red in February ” This is Tianzi mountain in autumn .

Tianzi Mountain

If you prefer pastoral scenery , meet “ A water to protect the field will be green , The two mountains are lined up to send green ” The farm scenery of , The terraces in Zhangjiajie should not be missed .

Terraces in Zhangjiajie

If you have a curiosity , Southern sky column — because 《 "Avatar" 》 Central Pandora ” Hallelujah is famous for its prototype .

Southern sky column

And the Grand Canyon glass bridge is like a shot in the arm , Give you a sense of strength ,“ Don't go to the Grand Canyon , In vain to Zhangjiajie .”

And MaoYan river rafting , Great summer experience .

If you are a literary petty bourgeoisie ,“ I've crossed many Bridges , See clouds many times , Have drunk many kinds of wine , But only love a just the best age of the people .” Take a look at Shen Congwen's former residence where he wrote such love poems , There must be harvest .

If you are a foodie , It's not spicy yet , Zhangjiajie's three dishes 、 Dried fish roe 、 Valley duck hot pot 、 You have to try it yourself .

Some people say : The best travel apart from the scenery along the way , And half the rest .

So it's very important to find a suitable place to stay .

Because every backpacker , They were full of expectations .

And people are on the journey , The trouble caused by staying in a hotel is not uncommon .

According to Sohu Travel Network data show :60% Forty percent of people think that travel rest is the most troublesome , Sleep directly affects the quality of travel .

Zhihu netizens have done a survey on the travel in hotels : Security 、 health 、 Location Three points of concern have the highest number of votes .

Web search ” The hotel shot “ Pop up 700 More than ten thousand messages ! The pinhole camera is even more frightening .

Interpersonal communication , Character is the market .

The shopkeeper is a pair of 85 Later husband and wife , Both of them are my classmates , I'm lucky to witness their love from high school to the family of three now , The ouzi who chased Jay Chou all the way without lack of humor and the wave boy with gentle manners , It's like ” He's making a scene , You're laughing “ The most beautiful appearance of love .

Shop owner ouzi's warm family

After their marriage, they stayed in many hotels on the way to travel , There are high-end stars , There are also famous hostels with different characteristics .

Always feel the shortcomings of what , Until after the baby was born , A family Travel , Only then did he find that many hotels were not well considered , Experience is very poor .

And this is the boss of design major, ouzi, according to years of business experience , I decided to be a family in China Family series In the hotel , To do is to be a man , To create Livable 、 Good sleep The concept of Yi Xiang waterfront was born .

A good sleep is for travelers , It's too important ! Especially children , It's hard to sleep in a strange environment , So the minimalist Nordic decor is good , Simplicity does not lose its beauty , It's good for children to rest ” Ouzi said this .

And the hotel layout is carefully planned by Bob , As a mother , She is understanding .

She values the choice of bedding , You should sleep comfortably and clean , From Satin weaving technology to anti mite and antibacterial function , They're all necessary items for her screening , It's her usual style not to let go of any details .

What's more valuable , Parents are very supportive of the couple's business , Mother in law is a fastidious person , A woman with a scholarly atmosphere , Atmospheric and delicate , The second old man devoted himself to the hotel's help .

The hotel provides a play area for the baby , Double decker , Give children enough space to entertain themselves , My mother-in-law even prepared special washing and care products , say ” Use the little granddaughter's red elephant !” Including mosquito bites 、 A small medicine box for fever care has long been included in the hotel .

Bob sighed : People in different places , Peace of mind is a blessing .

Even if there are many bad people in the journey , It doesn't hinder our heart to travel , Because there are more people like their husband and wife , Be a good match for you and me on the journey .

Unhappiness in life is like a little holiday given by God , When you come back from vacation , Life is a new beginning .

May you come back !

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