Mobile phone photos are not enough in the early stage, but to be filled in the later stage

2020-11-19 22:24:14  作者:Vsco mobile phone color matching tutorial

poof , Today, I went to Hubei second normal university for teacher qualification examination , By the way, I click a few cherry blossoms with my mobile phone , After the color adjustment, the effect is like this :

Um. , Don't talk much , Let's start with a contrast before and after color matching . Um. , Obviously, the former is underexposed , And the color is not transparent enough, small and fresh , that , How to solve this problem ? Puff ha ha ha ha , Let's find out the answer !

First , You have to install a photographer's favorite color palette on your mobile phone first APP, Yes , It's it, it's it's our friend —VSCO!

And then there's the tutorial , Still as simple and crude as ever , One step in place !

VSCO Pretending to watch Cherry Blossom small fresh color matching series in Japan : Basic filters F2+4, Exposure compensation +4 Or more , Contrast +2, sharpening +2, saturation -2, Color temperature -3, tonal -2, Highlights fade +4, Shadow compensation +3, Grain +2 Those who like film style can add more , The highlights are blue +1 or 2 || Photography & later stage :@ Small FML Big face cute || Like can pay attention to me , Update all kinds of dry goods from time to time .||

Puff ha ha ha ha , The author also attached a screenshot very kindly this time . One, two, three , Look down :

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