It's not so difficult to take portraits by mobile phone (1)

2020-11-19 22:24:04  作者:Vsco mobile phone color matching tutorial

I'm a photographer . Like a lot of people , No professional SLR in hand , There's only one cell phone . Although only mobile phones , But I'm still shooting .

scenery , figure , And all kinds of things that I think are beautiful . A lot of them , But the most favorite is portrait , I see myself taking pictures of my friends around me , A sense of accomplishment arises spontaneously .

I often shoot in a little fresh style . I had two little obsessive-compulsive disorders before I took the picture .

With these two points , I think we can save half the effort later . Personal opinion oh .

Once I happened to pass by a beautiful place , Green goes against white , I ran to take pictures immediately .

To tell you the truth, I don't think the original picture is pretty good , I feel embarrassed to let it out . The light source wasn't found well at that time , The character's skin is also black , The whole picture looks a little dark .

First you need to cut . I press 1:1 In proportion to the cut , I think it can highlight the key points , And it can also remove some unnecessary impurities in the picture .

Now it's a matter of light , To make the picture look less dark . Exposure compensation +2 That's it , In this way, the skin and background of the characters are much brighter . Everyone adds exposure according to the situation .

Again, color temperature and tone . Everybody knows , Small fresh style is relatively cold color , I want to change it into a little fresh style , Here we need to reduce some color temperature and tone , Please see the picture for details .

It's almost like this picture is transferred here .

After all, it was taken by mobile phone , It can't be compared with SLR , A lot of details can't be dealt with in detail , There will be flaws in a lot of places , For example, the background can not be empty, can not highlight the subject well , This is also a place I feel particularly sorry for . I hope you don't mind .

Every picture is different , You can adjust it according to your pictures .

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