Teach you how to use mobile phone small fresh repair picture to explode the circle of friends! (1)

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I also play photography 5 More than years , From the first day of junior high school, I began to use a card machine to pat, and now I feel like a dregs in senior three ... The cell phone is 5s And then the camera has Canon m3 And Nikon d3200 108 The head of the , I want to get a fixed focus lens recently, but I'm poor !

Go straight to the point , Have you ever heard of a magic Software :

It's the Magic Software , Let a lot of people who don't have film cameras , Have their own large film !!!(clapppp~~)

Burning goose , It's not like adding a filter to change a large area in seconds , It needs a certain aesthetic, a certain technology, a certain amount of money ! Because you need to go to Taobao and spend a dollar to crack the more than 100 filters , Multivalued ! Multivalued !

/* First , The first one to enter slowly is :

In the afternoon, the sun is warm and the sun is still life

How should we think ?

Japanese film , It's mostly turquoise, right . The picture is generally dark , There is no sense of Japanese freshness . therefore , First of all, we have to adjust the details , Increase the exposure , Reduce the hue so the photo will look fresh , The color temperature is also reduced a little bit .

And then we go and choose the filter , What I like better A8, It's a little bit blue and green ……

Add a little bit of sharpness after you add the filter , There's a grainy feel of film . That's it !

/* Fashion, the most fashionable retro Mori film style ( Especially when there's a little flower )

Have to say , The original picture is really ugly …… The whole picture is gray , There's no life at all .

So add a little bit of contrast to show a sense of layering of flowers and leaves . Because it's Retro , So the brightness doesn't have to be too bright . Increasing the hue can make pink flowers more pink , Dark corners increase the film feel .

It's much better than before .

This picture I used is 06 Filter +5 about , Take another angle , It can be used as wallpaper. Ha ha ha .

This one is similar to the above , But with a little fading

/* South Korea small fresh white dead white particles wind

This is what I learned from Xiaobei

This picture was also sent to us for practice

so…… I don't say much about it

But most of the Korean wind is the overall cold tone , A little bit overexposed , And then the sharpness goes up .

This is my homework according to the teacher .

/* Blue drops in the sky, small fresh white clouds, wind after wind

The sky is dark blue , But if you want a Japanese system, it has to be light blue . Without saying , Increase the exposure , It's a little over exposed hhh. Tone reduction ( The same reason as before )! Add noise ! Add a drop saturation ! It doesn't need a filter. It's beautiful !

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