IPhone and app?! teach you how to take high beauty photos with bare machine (1)

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duang~ Come to the point .

2014.10.03-- peitaiho

Come to the point ! There are no mountains , The sea can be .

Want a blue basin friend who can photograph ?! Sister, be self-improvement , How to make the most of iPhone With its own function, it can make a piece of soap that envies others .

lead ! detonation ! Friends ! friend ! circle !

iOS 8.1 Version of iPhone5 Interface

iOS 8.0 Above version , Tap... In the upper right corner of the interface [** edit **] You can see that the system comes with eight filters , Remove three black and white ,**[ fade , Chrome yellow , years , nostalgia ]** For the most commonly used .

God ~ The sky is still cloudy and there are still pigeons flying ……

It's sunny .

2013.04.-- tianjin

Look at me in a second …… Oh yeah !

This picture selects iPhone In black and white . Highlight the relationship between light and shade .

Black and white or Standard color , You like it

And this tunnel :

2014.07.09 Riding on the sea of bamboo

Switch to black and white , The picture calms down . A little bit more time .

Black and white mode

If you also like . Let's see [ years ] Pattern .

Time pattern

Cutaway . I've only heard cutting songs ? Don't care about the details , continue .

2015.1.1 — Drum Tower in Beijing

On New Year's day , Rioting . Walking around the imperial capital , Heavy traffic on the street , Running alone in the alley , Get lost ...

A group of pigeons in the past ~~~ Ha, breath. Switch from the map quickly with frozen hands , Adjust the interface , wait every day under the tree , in the hope that a hare would kill itself by crashing into a tree trunk .( Because at this time the pigeon has already flown away , But usually pigeons come back in a circle , So use buildings and other frames in advance , The composition is finished , Waiting for the living things to fly in “ The screen ”).

[ years ] The model is more suitable for a sense of history , The feeling of dusk , Quiet and simple picture . Using pigeons, etc “ animal ” Make the picture { A combination of motion and stillness } Avoid the boredom of still life .

Look at the original ?

Normal visual tone

The house is so boring , I don't want to see it. I don't want to see it ! Let's get some fresh meat , Don't be coquettish .

Here is my favorite [** Chrome yellow **] Pattern .

2014.09- Tianjin Binhai

These two are not single …… Private chat for numbers .

colour run The scene

1. What do you like best about Chrome ? Sultry ! Conspicuous ! It's so bright and dazzling !

Jump to chrome , Click the shutter ! Great! !

Do you want to run up .

meow ~

2015.08.20-- nanjing

As a quiet beauty meow , I don't think about your big white legs and your takeout , My eyes are firm and my heart is far away , I don't look, I don't look .

2. Chrome yellow is a cat beater .

2014.07.09- Hongcun, Yixian County, Anhui Province

The years are quiet. There are trees and trees !

Chrome yellow mode makes the cat white and golden more attractive , The increase of contrast makes the picture tone bright and concise .

“ ah ! It's impossible ! I was stunned ! I am so surprised ! I'm the biggest beauty in the cat world ! Which one from the top !”

It's about my takeout ...

3. Chrome yellow is used for portraits !!! With plenty of light , Chrome yellow mode will make the skin appear more white and transparent , Especially for children and mushrooms . freakingly beautiful ~

Counter example !!! Suppose the photometry is poor , It makes the skin look too red and noisy . Multi poke light metering in different places on the screen , Or make the side of the subject face the sunlight , Especially the soft light in the morning and evening .

( Ten thousand of them are omitted here …… There will be an article later to explain how to take selfie )

Cough cough cough ,[ fade ] Pattern :

1.[ fade ] Jiangnan under the mode , Is it like ink painting . Tired of playing with the rules , Pat the reflection in the water . Turn the picture over ! Ducklings are swimming in the sky ~

2014.07.07 Hongcun, Yixian County

There is a group of ducklings in front of my house ~ I drive them to the pond every day ~~~

Of course, this is not my family …… It's not far from my house, of course . It's a two-hour drive , In the ancient city of Huizhou . Come and play ~ Far away .

2. Another one [ fade + inverted reflection in water ], Four people with different faces , It's necessary for a small master to capture .

2014.06- The playground after the rain

Here's another great one ! People with shaking hands can't be photographed ~ " !

3.[ Panoramic mode + Fade mode ]

The full moon of Hongcun moon marsh is mine ! The shadow is mine too ! It's all mine. !

2014.07 Hongcun moon marsh

When the stars are silent mountains , I just hope you'll look up and see what I'm entrusted with 、、、 curved ( full ) month .( May day --《 Cangjie 》)

《 Starry sky 》

2015.06- Late self-study is over

I'll tell you this “ The stars ” It's asphalt. Will you hit me .

This dream house is actually the shadow of the school bathroom. Will you hit me ...

This is this. ...

Cut a long strip , Come back , Black and white . That's it . .. Feeling cheated, isn't it ... Hit me , Reward me, reward me , I continue to cheat you ~

Once upon a time …… There is a story , My roommate asked me to take a picture of her on the tennis court dião some , Is this enough diǎo……

Almost didn't go back to the dormitory alive ……( Exaggerated , My roommate is gentle and lovely !)

I don't know how many months

Dragon Heads-raising Day ~ Squat down and pat the reptiles ~ After this guy for miles .

b y-- Grapefruit iPhone5

Have you ever tried this kind of self portrait .

No need for good flexibility , In the position you're holding on to your cell phone , stand straight , bend , Arms stretch out . Cell phone on the ground , Press the shutter . Oh ! Remember to take more pictures . It's a virtual future ~ And the depth of field is . Pretending to have a private photographer on the ground ~ Ha ha ha ~

2015.01.02 Beijing

It's freezing outside at minus ten degrees centigrade , It's warm inside . Water vapor condenses on the window glass , One is like the setting sun in blood .


Seems to be …… The glass needs wiping .

Actually , Normal photos I can shoot it too ...


Don't wring your neck , It's ok if the mobile phone comes across !

2015.06 —K45 Early morning on the train

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