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Take the book back , Last time I talked about the basic idea of digital photo post-processing .[ The post-processing of right and wrong ][The post-processing of right and wrong] If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first , This time, let's talk about what tools should be used to realize our idea .PS The course of online search a lot of , Others seem to be as simple as you can see .

If you want to duang~ Add special effects in a moment ,LOFTCam Almost all the effects of the mainstream can be achieved . Adding text and texture is not considered in this article ……

LOFTCam There are a lot of ready-made filters , Some of them are very good at simulating the film style . Besides , For lightness , Contrast , Color can also be adjusted easily . The same type of alternative :VSCOcamVSCOcam It's very popular abroad , In the hands of some small players, it is also handy . Strictly speaking , LOFTCam It's supposed to be a fake , The functions and effects of the two are very similar from the human-computer interface to the realization .

VSCOcam But in terms of operation process , LOFTCam Better localization of , It is more in line with the usage habits of ordinary people .

VSCOcam It's always been in English , Recently updated the Chinese version .

If you want to duang~ duang~ duang~ Add the special effects of all dimensions , Snapseed It will be a good helper on your mobile phone . What attracts me most is that it can be carried out Partial adjustment , To a certain extent Mask Basic functions of . Yes PS People with basic concepts should know the power of masks .

Here are two simple examples to illustrate how to use this software .

1.3.1 software interface open Snapseed, You can see , There are two main types of revision functions , Tools and Filter . Filters and other refinements APP similar , Click on it to see the effect directly . Here we mainly talk about the use of tools , Focus on paint brush and Local These two tools .

Snapseed software interface 1.3.2 Analysis and tailoring After loading the picture , The first thing is very important : The main problem with analyzing photos , To determine what corrective action to take , Instead of blindly looking at the effect one by one .

The main problem with this photo is that the sky is too bright, leading to the loss of cloud details , The mountains are so dark that details of the foreground are lost , The whole image is dark and gray .

Click the brush button at the bottom right to load various tools .

The photo material has been shown before PS The effect of processing , This time Snapseed To achieve , You can compare that .

First cut the image , Optimize composition . choice 16:9 Aspect ratio , Strengthen the sense of open vision .

Analysis and tailoring 1.3.3 Partial correction 1 choice Local Tools , Add a control point to the mountain on the right . You can select the adjustment items by sliding your fingers up and down , Include brightnesssaturation and Contrast . Swipe your fingers left and right to adjust the value of the current item , Left slip decreases , Right slip increases . For this control point , brightness +100, saturation +40, Contrast +75, The effect is shown on the left of the figure below . Have you found that the mountain has brightened up .

Adjusting parameters is not dead , It needs to be determined according to the specific situation of each picture .

Add a control point to the sky . For this control point , saturation +25, Contrast +100, The effect is shown on the right of the figure below . The effect of clouds is even more obvious .

Partial correction 11.3.4 Partial correction 2& Overall correction Take the mountain in the lower left corner as an example , Let's show you another local fix tool : paint brush . Click on the lower left corner of the item you want to fix , Including the addition and subtraction of light , Exposure value , Saturation, etc , In the middle, you can choose the strength of the brush . After selection , Just use your finger to daub the area where the picture needs to be corrected . If it's painted , Turn the brush intensity to the eraser , It can also eliminate the changes just made . after paint brush The corrected mountain is shown on the left of the figure below . thus , The partial correction of the photo is completed . And then add a Adjust the picture Tools , Adjust the effect of the screen as a whole . The operation is still sliding up and down to select items , Slide left and right to adjust the value . Mainly to further increase the contrast , Enhance the drama of the picture . The adjustment effect is shown on the right of the figure below .

Partial correction 2& Overall correction 1.3.5 Historical record Snapseed Another powerful feature is that you can record all the changes you have made . Click on the number in the upper right corner , You can see the changes made before , As shown on the right of the figure below .

This number represents how many tools and filters you've added in total .

Click on every step of it , You can also delete or modify parameters , And it doesn't affect other tools .

Revise the drawing to the end , You can also easily modify the first step of operation . There will be no more human tragedies .

Satisfied with all the results , You can save the output . Share it with your friends or micro blog to show it to your friends .

Historical record 1.3.6 Effect comparison

Effect comparison

1.4.1 Analysis and local adjustment Import pictures into Snapseed, As shown on the left of the figure below . The first thing is to analyze the picture problem , Definite thinking . The exposure of this photo is basically correct , But because of the lighting problem , The face looks very black , I can't see the facial features clearly . Besides , There's some imbalance in the white balance .

Use Local and paint brush Tools , Fix the relationship between the light and shade of the skin color on the face . The effect is shown on the right of the figure below . The skin color of the characters brightens up. Is there any .

Analysis and local adjustment 1.4.2 Overall adjustment Use Adjust the picture Tools , The whole picture is highlighted , And adjust the color temperature and saturation , Correct the yellowing of the original image . As shown on the left of the figure below . Use Fainting Tools , Add dark corners as appropriate , Simulate the loss of light around the lens , Create a sense of ambience . The effect is shown on the right of the figure below .

Overall adjustment 1.4.3 Photo filter This is where the basic correction of the image is done . In order to make the picture more characteristic , Can add special effect filter . It's a matter of opinion , You can try your favorite effect more . Of course, it's not limited to Snapseed In itself , You can export photos to , Use other APP( Such as LOFTCam) Further treatment . With each APP To do what it's best at , Collaboration is the king . It is used here Glamour halo and Coarse film Two filters , Watch the picture , Adjust to the appropriate parameters . The effect is shown on the left of the figure below . Finally, let's review the tools used , The operation history is shown on the right of the figure below .

Photo filter 1.4.4 Effect comparison The whole idea of trimming , It's not about exaggerating the filter effect to catch people's attention , It's based on the right shading and color , Add special effects moderately , Make the picture natural and comfortable .

Effect comparison The same type of alternative : PixelmatoriOS/Mac Special software for repairing drawings , As a Android The party quietly put away the mobile phone .

Pixelmator Functional ratio Snapseed More powerful , Is said to be Photoshop Challenger . But the key is that the goods have to be charged !Snapseed It's free to use , And the whole platform dominates .

I mainly use ACDSee To do two things :

  1. Browse the pictures , From the original film to screen out the late value of .
  2. Batch post processing , For example, shrink to a uniform size , Easy to publish on the Internet .

ACDSee The same type of alternative : Adobe LightroomLightroom comparison ACDSee It's more “ heavy ” One o'clock . It is mainly used as a picture management software , But it also integrates very powerful image processing capabilities , It can be replaced in many ways Photoshop Use .

People have been used to call the revision of drawings as P chart , thus it can be seen PS A dominant position in the industry . On how to use Photoshop It's not something I can say clearly , But for the Photoshop Objects to be processed ,// Important things are to be repeated for 3 times **: If you want to take digital photo post-processing seriously , Be sure to use RAW/*/ Format ! Use RAW Format !* RAW** Format !RAW Also known as digital negatives , What is kept inside is untreated and directly from CMOS or CCD Information obtained on , A lot of lossless processing can be done .RAW be relative to JEPG Straight out , I think the main advantages are 3 spot :

  1. Exposure correction .RAW The color depth of a document is usually 12bit perhaps 14bit Of , and JEPG yes 8bit Of . The difference here is not 4 perhaps 6, It is 2 Of 4 Power and 2 Of 6 Power . The benefit of this is ,RAW The recorded light and dark information will be much richer ,JEPG Details can be found in underexposed and overexposed parts .
  2. White balance adjustment .RAW The file can adjust the color temperature , In natural light 、 The flash 、 Pictures taken under different light sources such as incandescent lamps , Colors have different tendencies , Need calibration . For example, in portrait photography , First find the right benchmark , Let the skin color show normal , And then beautify it .
  3. Before exporting , All processing steps are traceable , And it can be corrected over and over again , Does not damage the quality of the original image . Besides , After a film has been adjusted , You can batch apply the configuration file to other pictures with the same environment and the same shooting parameters .

Photoshop Bring their own Camera Raw Plug in RAW Decoding and processing of , It can basically deal with most of the cameras on the market RAW file . There are other tools , But the effect of decoding is not so much visible to the naked eye .

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