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Or send a picture of the town building first . This is a recent photo taken with a mobile phone , To deal with the app It's still legendary Snapseed.

After a day of shooting the wedding

Actually , Uncle has been chopping his hands this week . Writing expository texts is very mechanical and boring , therefore , Uncle really hates ! But last time I added a... to the title “ On ”, If you have a top, you have to have a down , Otherwise, I feel like a eunuch . It's men who can't do this .

Let's take a look at one of our readers . It turns out that her film is really ... Uncle can be described as unbearable to look straight at ? But now she has made great progress , I know the color temperature 、 Composition and light adjustment . I don't like to write expository text , But I see that some readers really follow the tutorial of the last episode and practice , Uncle was very pleased . This also shows that , Positive practice will make obvious progress .

Improve the obvious picture , A qualified photo

friends , Come on! ! True knowledge comes from practice .

Snapseed It's an old software , Even when a friend shares the last episode with his circle of friends , Be accused of being out of date . Uncle is speechless . Software is like clothes ?

Objectively speaking ,Snapseed It's a big, comprehensive software , Including basic adjustments 、 Creative filters and borders . Compared with the so-called youth app, for example VSCO Cam、Instagram for , It doesn't give a clear first impression . When people advance VSCO When , Several key words will come up in my mind : Film color 、 like a breath of fresh air 、 Literature and art, etc .Snapseed Like an old yellow cow , Doing it silently is similar to the computer Lightroom What can be done . At least in terms of basic adjustment , That is, the tools mentioned in the previous episode , In all app Zhongdang is the best .

Maybe Snapseed Change the style of the interface to be more popular with young audiences ?

app Version of Lightroom Recently, it has been launched in Apple mall , You can try , Including the others mentioned above app, Use it in combination , The effect is better. . Here we continue with our Snapseed, It's just for the purpose of attracting jade .

This time, uncle, let's talk about Filter Use , But not every feature . It is important to Ideas 、 Ideas and ideas .

Okay , Let's start with the first picture .

This is uncle use 4 Minutes of time , taken 5 A picture .

Xiaomi's mobile phone shot 5 A picture

Wedding photography requires a high degree of concentration , Keep shooting and choosing different angles . And here , Uncle prefers to wait and shoot slowly . It's also a pleasure , It is the attitude of slow life and the enjoyment of feeling .

It's not lyrical . Which one would you choose ?

These pictures show that , The composition is almost the same . The only difference is the number and posture of the characters . That's why uncle is waiting . chart 1 Too many people , exclude ; chart 3 The character's posture is not obvious enough , exclude ; chart 4 Although the captured characters are symmetrical in two windows , But the characters in the middle window overlap , exclude . chart 2 Sum graph 5 I like them better , It's a bit of a tangle , Selected the graph 2, Because the posture of two people is so neat , Will add interesting scores to the photos .

This is a careful test of the eye of the film selection ideas , Have you learned ?

Since it is Snapseed A tutorial , So let's deal with it , Again, give the photo credit .

First of all, we use Tools Make a basic adjustment , I talked about in the last episode , Don't remember to go back and review . There are only two movements here , One is “ deformation ”, Deform the inside of rotate 、 Vertical correction and horizontal correction All of them have been carefully adjusted ; Two is “ Tailoring ”, Make the picture simpler , Pay attention to the cutting of the dish and remove the light in the upper left corner , It's easy to overlook .

Here's the original 、 Contrast image after deformation and tailoring .

Compare the , It's much better ?

then , Let's start with the filter . First look at the main interface .

The main interface of the filter

Well? ,12 A filter ? Uncle suddenly had a feeling of collapse . Spell it. , Each filter can be summarized in one sentence .

1、 Lens blur : To imitate the effect of lens virtualization of SLR camera 2、 Glamour halo : Let highlights ( Where the brightness is high in the picture ) Divergence 、 soft 3、 Tone contrast : You can separate the highlights in the photo 、 Adjust the contrast in the dark or in the middle 4、HDR Scenery and Dramatic effect :HDR It's a very popular word , Both filters enhance the details of the photo , But handle it with care , So that the photos don't look dirty 5、 impurities : It's about adding particles to the picture , Let the photo have the texture of film 6、 Coarse filmRestoring ancient waysnostalgia : If you remove the light leak 、 Particle size, etc , It's actually different color film effects 7、 Black and white movies and Black and white : It's all monochrome or black and white 8、 Photo frame : Give the picture a border .

Uncle is so great .

Continue with the picture above , Although the primary color is good , But we'll start with a color one . We choose filters Coarse film Give it a try .

Coarse film effect

The effect chosen here is L01, The feeling is a kind of cool color which is in line with the atmosphere at that time . If you don't like particles , We let the inside Particle size by 0. Then we found that the picture was a little too gray , After determining , Add a little bit of contrast and sharpness to the tool . The contrast between the original image and the adjusted color photo is as follows :

Uncle's favorite cool color

What about filters and colors , Too subjective , So it can only be said that uncle likes this color in this photo , That's it , Do you like or dislike , Is very normal .

Uncle wants to adjust this photo to black and white . We enter “ Black and white ” Filter , choice “ contrast ”, It's simple , A black and white photo that uncle wanted came out .

Uncle wants a high contrast black and white effect

Post the final result of this photo again , I'd like to talk to you about shooting ideas .

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