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Snapseed course :

1, Open a photo you want to fix yourself .

Open the picture

2, Click on the bottom right corner “ Small pencil ” Shape Icon

Open the shape of the small pencil below

“ Adjust the picture ” Moving your fingers up and down the photo is about choosing what you want to adjust , Sliding left and right is the function parameter you currently select .

one by one :

1, brightness , Adjust yourself to the light and shade of your photo

2, Contrast , If you want to highlight the color of the photo , Just raise the contrast , But not too high , About twenty people in general . If you want a little fresh, Japanese style photos , Then you have to fine tune the contrast a little bit lower , It's still not too much .

3, saturation , Add color to the right and increase saturation , That is to say, the color of the picture is more pure . conversely , To the left to minimize , It's a black-and-white photo .

4, atmosphere , No contact with this app Before , In other refinements app It seems that there is no atmosphere option in China . Now? , This atmosphere option is my favorite option to change , It's about rendering things other than themes , On the contrary, let it fade . No matter how you adjust the atmosphere , They all have different feelings . Adjust the feeling of looking at the photos you want .

5, shadow , The shadow theory must be known to all , That's what it's all about , The more you add the value , The clearer the shadow , A minus is more shadow . I don't think this shadow is suitable for major , If you want to highlight the theme, reduce the shadow value slightly , Make the subject more prominent . If you want a bright background , Just add .

6, highlights , Adjust the highlight in the picture . What's the difference between this and brightness ? This is just to adjust the brightness of the highlights in the picture . The highlight is too bright to make the theme tarnish , It's like sunrise and sunset , A little lower highlight will make the sun clearer , It won't be robbed, it's too light to be seen .

7, warm tones , There's nothing to say about this , To the right, the whole thing turns warm , To the left it's a cool color . Just add and subtract according to the feeling of need , I don't usually move this .

Highlight the details :

1, structure , Add value to make the photo more layered , Decreasing the number is the opposite . In order to make the photo look more tasteful , I'm going to bump up the numbers , But some people think it's fake .

2, sharpening , Essential scenery , Canon party must , Because Canon photos are soft , After all, it's a portrait professional . Nikon doesn't know if it needs sharpening ? As an amateur, I always feel that sharpening and adding to full photos is kind of HDR The feeling of . This function can only be added, not subtracted .

A list of internal tools

Tailoring : Some of the photos come out , dissatisfied , What do I do ? According to their own composition method , Cut it and try it , Don't rush to delete , Sometimes the cut out photos are unexpected . Some just want to delete photos , Try black and white , Maybe it's a master movie .

rotate : Every time I take pictures of the sea level and the horizon, it's always slanting , I feel sick , zoom in app Just a little spin , Look at the plane in terms of the grid . Sometimes I look at the world from a different angle , More creative . such as , Take a picture of a straight building , Try rotating it 45 degree , Then pull four of the same photos and put them together , The sense of transformers is coming , This is what I learned from my classmates' circle of friends , Make an impression .

deformation : I don't need this tool , Also do not recommend , No matter after deformation , The white space will be filled with nearby colors or graphics . Vertical perspective is to pull the picture in a vertical direction . Horizontal perspective , It's the horizontal pull ball type . rotate , That's rotating the picture in the shape of a ball .

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