Daily follow up and map revision steps (dark clouds cover the top)

2020-11-19 22:23:54  作者:Photography & Revision

Shooting equipment : LGG4(H818)

Shooting time : 17:46

Later tools : Snspseed

This is the main character of today The picture is simple , Dark clouds in front of the sun father-in-law will appear particularly imposing oh

Now it's time to make this picture

Because it's more homey in school , But I prefer to shoot East and West , So the pictures are limited to the school In the later stage, because it was the big night, the idea came suddenly , So use the screenshots first, ha, new people, forgive me a lot !

Put an original picture

Originally, I wanted to make a frame composition , But because of location limitations , The walls on both sides of the building are slanting , It's going to look weird , So I changed my mind and emphasized that the cloud blocking the sun and the trees on the opposite slope would have a stronger contrast

  1. Add pictures Second composition

When the second composition, there will be a nine square

1/3 The line probably coincides with the distant woods , The upper right intersection combines with the cloud of the subject This will make people's visual focus on that side , This is the three-way nine grid composition

  1. Increase the contrast ( The early conception is magnificent )

Here I add 100 The effect is ideal

  1. Adjust highlights shadow saturation atmosphere

Adjust the saturation first Deepen the color of the picture

Increase the atmosphere Make the overall color of the picture even and natural

Increase the highlight , Make the white part of the upper part of the picture separate , The whole picture is divided into three layers , Each layer 1/3

Shadow reduction Increase the depth of the distant mountains

  1. because w The picture is simple , So I put a little label in the lower right corner

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