How to make a black background with reflection (Tutorial)

2020-11-19 22:23:53  作者:Photography & Revision

I sent out some black background pictures yesterday , Some friends asked me how to do it , I just wrote an article today , Let's share with you . Today, I made a reflection of water surface on the basis of black background , Just combine the black background with the reflection , Let's share the drawing process here . Make this picture , I use photo album software . This software was learned by accident from a photographer of butter camera , I think many tools of this software can be used , The effect is also good , Here, Amway, this software .

About the drawing steps of today's picture , I've listed it here , You can follow the steps .

Open the reason photo album

In the downloaded software, select the photo album to repair the picture .

Choose a major to revise the drawing

After opening , Choose a major to revise the drawing .

Select the image you want to modify

Click on the professional map , The software will let you choose an image that needs to be fixed .

Tool options

After opening the picture , Tool options .

Select cutout

Select matting in the tool options , You can do matting .

Choose the magic zone

Choose the magic constituency , Smear the parts that need to be retained .

Daub the details

Enlarge the picture with both fingers , Daub the details .

Get rid of unnecessary parts

Choose magic erase , Daub the parts you don't need , The system will remove this part .

You need to be careful and patient when choosing to apply , This step is crucial , It takes a long time , But in order to make a good effect , Be patient !

After finishing the application , Select the arrow in the upper right corner , The matting is basically finished .

Feather and project the image , Will make the picture more stereoscopic .

Select the check mark in the upper right corner to save it , The matting is done , After saving, it's a black background .

Before you do the water surface reflection , I rotated the picture a little bit , Make the water surface effect of the picture more obvious .

Select reflection

Continue editing pictures , Select reflection , Let the image reflect .

Choose the first effect

Choose the first effect , This is the water reflection effect .

Change the intensity

Adjust the intensity , So the water doesn't look too stiff .

Choose space warp

Choose space warps in photography , Make the picture soft .

Choose the first effect

Choose the first effect , So the picture doesn't look too rigid and rigid .

Save the picture

After completion , Don't forget to save it , Click the Save button in the upper right corner to save the picture .

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