Small fresh color matching course

2020-11-19 22:23:52  作者:Photography & drawing repair

Small and fresh photos are a more pleasant style . The three elements of small freshness are simplicity 、 bright 、 Color uniformity , Post adjustment as long as the requirements of the three elements to adjust the picture can be .

Let's take a look at the original

The original picture gives people a good feeling , But if you want to adjust to the small fresh , It still needs to be modified . The three elements of small freshness are simplicity , We can remove the unimportant circles from the wall , Remove the water stains from the ground , And through the second composition , Make the picture elements more concise .

① open snapseed, Import picture, select repair brush tool

Put debris and stains , Remove the elements that affect the simplicity of the picture

After removing, the picture is obviously concise

② Open the crop tool

Second composition of the picture , Reduce the extra elements in the picture , Make the picture more concise , And put the bicycle as the main body on the dividing point at the lower right corner of the three-point line .

③ We noticed a little bit of distortion in the picture , Although it's not obvious , But also a little bit of adjustment , Open the perspective tool

Fine tune the image

④ Simple steps are done , Now to the brightness of the three elements . Open the curve tool

Take a point in the middle of the curve , Heighten the curve as a whole . Drop down at the top right corner of the curve , Lower the highlight , The lower left corner of the curve is raised , Lighten the shadow . Let the brightness of the picture be further unified , Make the picture brighter .

⑤ Open the adjustment tool

Further adjustment , Further highlight , Reduce contrast , The same picture brightness

⑥ Save the photo and import it into another mobile phone drawing software mix, Turn on the hue saturation tool , You can adjust the hue of different colors separately 、 Saturation and lightness , Can further unify the tone .

⑦ You can add a filter , Further unifies the tone , Adjust the opacity

In the end, it was finished

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