Autumn in Beijing after rain

2020-11-19 22:23:51  作者:Love photography, love life*

I went to the forest park to shoot clouds in the afternoon , But I suddenly found that the cloud disappeared , Be missing . Go away , Only the blue sky is left —— Beijing autumn afternoon sky .

It rained all night , The sky is blue , The sun is golden , It's shining everywhere . After several autumn rains , It's getting colder and colder , Some of the leaves have begun to turn yellow , Persimmon tree 、 The hawthorn tree is full of fruit , Bending the branches , Autumn is growing in the woods . I took a picture of the woods , But I was amazed by the autumn color in the photo .

It is said that autumn is the most beautiful in Beijing , Many writers have praised . I like autumn in Beijing , But it can't be expressed in words , So we used the simplest 、 The most direct way , photograph .

Human vision can convey beauty , I just take pictures , Solidify the beautiful scenery and beautiful moment you see , recorded , It reminds me of these things many years later , Think of 2020 year 9 A good time in the afternoon at the end of the month .

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