Autumn afternoon clouds

2020-11-19 22:23:49  作者:Love photography, love life*

Time past quickly. , There are only two days left in September . It rained all the time last night , It's still in the morning , Fortunately, I finished the last examination in the hospital yesterday , I don't have to run to the hospital early in the morning .

It's raining , Don't go out and walk in the morning .

It's sunny in the morning , Clouds pile up and separate , with countless changes , The clouds look better .

In the afternoon , The clouds break , The light came from the clouds , There's a big blue sky in the North , There are still some white clouds .

I'm going to take a walk in the park , Take a breath of fresh air , Take a few pictures of clouds , I haven't been to the forest park for many days .

When you get to the park , There are more and more blue sky , The black clouds are not sure where they are .

Maybe it's because after the rain , Today's blue sky is very bright , After several days of haze , Blue sky and white clouds make people like it more .

I went all the way , All the way , The eyes are full of clouds .

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