Street Park by chance

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Today is September 27th , Make an appointment with the hospital for an abdominal MRI , By the way, put up a number , Find an expert to see a few days ago gastroscopy results .

I remember the last time I did the MRI, it was still hot summer , Three months passed in a flash .

Today's MRI is at about eight in the morning , An empty stomach is needed . Because I'm afraid of traffic jam , I got up before five . Just wash and gargle , Boiled eggs , The wall breaking machine beat the rice paste and poured it into the heat preservation barrel , Put it in your schoolbag , Check all kinds of certificates and application forms for going to the hospital again , Put on your mask and go out .

It was just after five twenty-five , It's still dark , The air was hazy , It's all dust , It's a haze day .

It's only five forty on the highway , There's a lot of traffic , It's not far away , The cars gradually converge into a traffic stream , The speed also slowed down . After dujiakan , The speed dropped to more than 20 miles , It's not six o'clock yet , The road ahead is a string of red and red tail lights , It's like a red stream , I didn't expect that the highway would be blocked so early , It's not a mess in the morning rush hour , People who work in the city , How hard it is to go to work every day .

It's still early today , The road is not blocked , The speed is slow , But it's been walking , After the xidaokou , All of a sudden, the speed of the car increased , The road is clear .

Park your car in Wukesong underground parking lot , Take a look at the table six fifteen . Still early , Take a walk in Huaxi square first , The same was true of the previous review , Early arrival , Then walk around Huaxi square in the morning .

Huaxi square has come many times , Already familiar with it , Even its corners fall , It's been through many times , And took a lot of pictures .

There are not many people doing exercises in the square this morning , Only two or three people met on the trail , I found two men playing badminton , Have a good time on the cement badminton court in Huaxi square , It's very exciting .

When the second circle reached the Western footpath of the square , I saw someone walking in the woods outside the footpath , Isn't it close to the West Fourth Ring Road , Is there a trail ? Go out and see .

I walked out from the southwest exit of Huaxi square , Into the woods , As soon as I came in, I found that there was another hole here . This is not a small forest , The trees are tall ( These should be years old , And there are many kinds of trees , What are pine, cypress, poplar, pagoda tree, willow, ginkgo tree and so on? ), the grass looks like a green carpet . There are several winding paths in the forest , From south to North , A closed loop is formed from north to south .

There are several large open spaces in the trees , It was paved with green bricks , Formed a fitness square , There are several groups of old people playing Taijiquan and exchanging boxing skills . There are several large open spaces in the forest, which are covered with green lawn , Like big green carpets .

It turns out that this is a small park , It's called Wukesong Olympic Cultural Park , It is estimated that it was successfully built in that year's bid for the Olympic Games , Because not far away is the Olympic basketball court . There are many stone carvings along the northwest footpath , It's both Chinese and English , Content is the spiritual purpose of the previous Olympic Games , I love the two pieces ” Forever friend ” and “ an ever burning flame ” A stone tablet .

When you walk here , The sun is rising , Weak in the haze , I took a picture of the rising sun , But like the sunset .

Passing the lawn several times , I was attracted by two dogs playing around , A flower dog 、 A yellow dog , One is tall and the other is short 、 One is fat and the other is thin , I like that picture , Two dogs are chasing each other in the green tree lawn under the sun , The owner was watching the dog by the side of the road , By the way, I hold the chair and stool on the side of the road to exercise , The picture is full of vitality and life interest , Very harmonious .

I'm looking for an angle from afar to take a good picture , The dog is always running back and forth , Bad composition , But I took one . I'm thinking about how to find another angle and theme , I didn't expect the owner to talk , How nice it would be if you wanted to take a picture of the dog . That's a typical Beijing man , Enthusiasm and magnanimity .

And I came near , say : This is a beautiful dog . I didn't expect that I was just approaching , The two dogs ran by , One of them is still around me , I reached for its head , He licked me with his wet tongue , It's mucus in my hands . I said to the dog : You are so good . It seems to understand , Running happily in the open space around me . I managed to get two . The big dog seems very timid , Just standing on the lawn staring at me , I took a picture of it , He ran away and continued to immerse himself in the dog world ……

I'm just busy watching dogs , I almost forgot today's business , It's past seven , Hurry into the hospital and line up , I have to do an MRI !

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