Examples of scenery color matching in each place

2020-11-19 22:23:46  作者:Love photography, love life*

Hello everyone , Long time no see . This group is fat ,《 Everywhere 》 Album , One of the examples of Dora image color matching , Share with you .

Handling ideas : The cool tone of dark blue , Can create a very psychedelic atmosphere .

The examples in this section go through simple steps , Create dark cool style photos .

Before and after treatment

Enter the template palette

Look for the tone you like

Lock the selected template

Ready to simulate the texture of the film

Define the color block color , It's better to be gray , Overlay does not affect the color of the original image

Overlay noise texture

Layer change blending , Use soft light or overlay mode

Finally sharpen the base image , Don't sharpen to texture noise layer ( Dora video tutorial )

Save the required format , Such as tif,jpg,png

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