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A winter many years ago , I went to Jietai Temple with my friends , The pine trees there left a deep impression on me .

I've told my wife many times , When shall we go to Jietai Temple to see the pine trees ? I didn't expect this morning , It finally came to pass .

Jietai Temple is also called jietan temple , It was founded in Sui Dynasty , Already existed 1400 many years , Has a reputation for “ The altar of abstinence 、 strangely-shaped pines 、 Ancient cave ” And famous in the world . Jietai Temple is very close to my home , It's only 20 kilometers , Follow Dahuichang road and 108 The national highway , It's only half an hour's drive .

At nine in the morning , When we entered Jietai Temple , Not many tourists , Step into Jietai Temple in autumn , Time and space seem to solidify all of a sudden , So quiet , The sky is so blue , I don't know what kind of insect is singing , On the wall of the temple, a squirrel jumped up the pine tree , Three or two disappearing traces .

We visited the three pavilions and five halls of Jietai Temple ,( The restoration of the fortress , The cave has not been opened ) The house of Lords and the courtyards 、 Liao tower 、 The garden , I still remember the ancient trees in Jietai Temple , Of course, the most impressive is the ancient pine in Jietai Temple , Those pines are ancient and magnificent , The rosin is faint , It has been accompanied by Jietai Temple .

According to the sources : There are many ancient and famous trees in Jietai Temple , Only the ancient trees of national protection level can reach 88 Tree , They all carry little identity cards , These trees have pines 、 Cypress 、 Ginkgo 、 pagoda tree 、 Cloves …… One of the most famous is, of course, Gusong . These old pines may be trimmed by hand , Or natural , After a hundred years of wind, frost, snow and rain , Formed a variety of strange shapes , The literati and scholars of all ages vied to praise , As early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties , Jietai Temple “ Ten odd pines ” It's already famous all over the world .

There are three of the oldest pine trees in the temple , It's been a thousand years , The real Millennium tree , I read the detailed introduction in the temple , Here to share .

1、 Jiulong pine , It is located in the south of jietan Mountain Gate hall . Jiulong pine is a Pinus bungeana planted in Liao Dynasty , Over a thousand years old , This is the oldest Pinus bungeana in North China . This pine is different from other trees , Pinus bungeana is resistant to drought and humidity , The branches are fragile , Most of them are planted in the north , The tree is old 1300 many years . There is also a white pine in front of the heavenly king hall , In the Southern Song Dynasty 810 For many years , The trunk is thick , If the umbrella is covered , Covering half the courtyard , It's shocking .

The pine trees in Kowloon are tall 18 mido , DBH 2 More than rice , The shade area is up to 500 Multi square metre . The trunk of the tree is divided into nine strands , To the blue sky , Scales are mottled on the trunk , The frost is half off , It's like dancing in Kowloon , It's like flying , Jiulong pine gets its name .

Tian Shufan, a famous Traveler in the period of the Republic of China, wrote a poem praising :“ It's no wonder that there is a nine stem , It's very gloomy and magnificent . It's just the number of children born to the dragon , Taikang has carved stone scriptures ”. There is also a legend , According to the folk proverb : Dragon bears nine sons , Zizi is different , Although not Jackie Chan , everyone has his hobby . It is said that dragon has nine sons , And these nine sons are shaped 、 Different abilities , But each has its own advantages and advantages . People worship Jiulong pine , It means one's own offspring , Each has .

Around the pine trees are hung with wishing hada and wishing wooden cards , It seems that a lot of people are making wishes here , So this pine is also called Xu Yuan song .

2、 Wolong pine , It is located on the right side of the steps behind the main hall , Wolong pine is called “ The most beautiful pine in China ”, Like a dragon lying here ,10 The main trunk is long and winding , The scales are mottled , It's like a black dragon on the way back , Slouching over the stone fence , Rest comfortably on the stone tablet . There are three big characters on the stone tablet “ Wolong pine ”, It was written by Prince Gong Yi of the Qing Dynasty .

This pine was planted in Liao Dynasty , It's over a thousand years old now , In the early years, the monks used the technique of pinching and breaking branches to trim the tree shape , Therefore, the main trunk is coiled and horizontal , After passing through Jin 、 element 、 bright 、 The cultivation of monks in Qing Dynasty and other dynasties , Thus formed today's peculiar shape .

3、 Baotasong , At the stupa of master Fajun ( Liao tower ) On the West terrace, a strange tree lies on the south , Over the fence , Cling to the ancient pagoda outside the wall , This is the famous Jietai Temple Pagoda pine .

Talk about the origin of baotasong , It's a bit mythical , Li Hengliang, a poet of Qing Dynasty 《 Jietan ancient song 》 There are two lines in it “ The roar of the stormy night, the sound of thunder and rain , Holding the pagoda dragon, the pine crows and the moon is dark .” The poem tells such a legend :“ Baotasong ” This is the descendant of the dragon in the sky , It was sent by the Jade Emperor to guard the monk Fajun of Jietai Temple , It turns into green pine and stands in front of the gate of the Jietai hall . Master Fajun has been lecturing in the main hall of Jietai all year round , Dragon also has some influence , Master Fajun “ Silence ” after , Buried in a tomb tower under the mountain gate . On a night of thunder and lightning , Long song is afraid of thunder and knocks down the spirit tower of Fajun , So he rushed to the pagoda with his front paws . The rain stopped in the morning , People see the branches of the ancient pine embracing the stupa of Fajun , Only then realized that there might be miracles in this which the mortals could not understand . Of course , Such stories deify the strange pine .

The formation of baotasong , In fact, it is the result of long-term targeted cultivation of monks . Because of the restoration of the ancient pagoda , The damage to the North Branch of Pinus armandii was caused , Only the South pagoda remains , Become a permanent regret , At present, there are only 8 Centimeter skin provides nutrients , The existing landscape , It's precious .

Except for these three thousand year old pines , There are many more than 800 years in the temple 、 More than 500 years 、 More than 300 years 、 More than 200 years of pine , Some have their own names . such as : The pines 、 Free to send 、 Active pine 、 Longsong 、 Fengsong 、 Chrysanthemum pine 、 Lotus pine 、 Peony pine 、 Pine on the wall .

There are two symmetrical old pines in front of Tianwang hall in Jietai Temple. They are Phoenix “ Longsong ” and “ Fengsong “, Pine leaves look like needles , Growing in clusters on the branches . The pine fruit begins to be oval , It's like a little green pineapple with fish scales . autumn , Pinecones are ripe , Like a blooming brown flower .“ Fengsong ” With a strong green , It's like ink rendering , The light is curling , Gazing at reverie .“ Longsong ” The bone is very strong , Proud and graceful , In the palace of heavenly king “ Fengsong ” By my side ,“ Longsong ” It seems more upright and magnificent .

My wife is very fond of loose , It's like a person lying down and resting . You see, this old tree is very green , It's soothing , Be generous , Carefree and safe , There are elegant charm and fairies in the plain .

There's a lot more to explore here , In spring, look at the peony given by Emperor Qianling here , In early summer, I smell the fragrance of lilac in my two hundred years old , Look at the golden leaves of Ginkgo biloba for 800 years in late autumn , I happened to have a vegetarian meal in the temple , Sit in the peony garden and soak a pot of green tea from the tea house in the garden , Watch a ceremony held on the first or fifteenth day of junior high school …… I think there is always a feeling , Let's make your trip worthwhile .

Jiulong pine



Wolong pine

Free to loose

Free to loose


Lotus pine

Pinus bungeana in Southern Song Dynasty


Pinus bungeana in Southern Song Dynasty

A thousand year old locust

Temple of the heavenly king

The mountain gate

Jiulong pine

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