A sudden clear sky

2020-11-19 22:20:38  作者:Love photography, love life*

The sky has been cloudy these days , I just walked out in the morning , It began to drizzle . It rained again at noon , Look at the thick clouds in the sky , I thought it might continue to rain in the afternoon .

I didn't expect it was more than two o'clock in the afternoon , The clouds suddenly broke , The blue sky , After a while, the clouds in the sky became more and more white 、 Less and less , More and more elegant .

Immediately decided to go out to the forest park for a walk , I haven't been there for four or five days .

The park at two or three o'clock , Very few people , The autumn sun is bright and gentle , The air is moist and moist , It's very comfortable to walk quietly in the woods . I took some pictures when I entered the door .

walking , It's getting bluer and bluer , The clouds are gone .

I met my old colleague on the way , Walk around Lin Zi and talk . He is in good health , It's very fast , I'm sweating in a minute , Looking up at the sky , I don't know when the clouds came out again .

At dusk it was overcast again , Black .

What a sudden clear sky .

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