Dream of "Huozhou Taohuayuan" Grape Valley in Xinjiang

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Know Turpan , Naturally, we know grape ditch .

The summer in Turpan is famous for its heat , The ground temperature of Flaming Mountain can reach 80 to 90℃, There are " Boiled eggs in a sand nest " Known as the .

And in the nearby grape ditch , Grape trellis are all over , The grape vines are stacked on top of each other , Green is green . It's surrounded by dense Poplar Forests , Flowers, plants and fruit trees adorn it , The farmhouses are arranged on the gentle slope .

Grapevine , It's from Huozhou " Peach Garden ".

When we really come to the grapevine , Only then knew and on-line introduction difference is very big .

Besides the entrance of the scenic area, it looks good , Into the winding country road , It's like entering a very backward countryside . The occasional grape trellis , It's full of grapes , But Grape Valley is worthy of its name .

I thought it was a big place , Drive down the country road first , It turns out that it's not far away . There are not many farmhouses here , There are only two or three , We chose one of them to stay in . I thought maybe I was late , See if we can find something new tomorrow .

Looking for a home, looking good farmhouse , Talk to the boss for 300 yuan a night , It's a pit , Three people live in one room . The conditions are not very good , For photography , Make do with it !

When we eat under the grape trellis , Only then did I know that there was a performance project , But there's an extra charge .

Grapevine is not too cool , We are too hot , I want to go in and have a rest , Let the boss turn on the air conditioner , It's not bedtime yet , Don't drive . It's OK to turn on the fan , It doesn't open either .

The three of us can't stand it , Fortunately, we haven't paid for the room in advance , Hurry up and pack up , Driving all night to Shanshan .

Grapevine is not worth remembering at all , Accommodation is expensive , The conditions are poor , All fruits are expensive to eat , The most important thing is that the attitude is extremely bad , There's nothing to shoot yet .

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