Shihua Cave where wine can be stored

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I've heard of Shihua Cave for a long time , And it's not far from my house , Less than 30 kilometers . Gaud map tells me it's less than 40 minutes' drive .

But I don't know why , We've never been there , Maybe it's because it's too close , I always feel like I can go at any time , Don't worry .

There is a saying that beauty produces distance , The cave in front of my house didn't go , I've been to many caves in other places , There is a famous water hole in Benxi 、 The Dragon Palace and Zhijin cave in Guizhou Province 、 Ludiyan in Guangxi, etc , There are some unknown caves .

The first visit to the cave is quite novel , I think the nature is really marvelous , Dark underground can also have a hole . It's said that stalactites every 100 It's only a centimeter in years , Those giant stalactites are the result of millions of years , How small man is in front of nature , Each of us has less than a centimeter of it .

More holes to see , I get used to the masterpieces of nature , Even aesthetic fatigue , If you look at the hole, there will be no shock and passion . Because I saw the hole in the field first , The famous scenic spot in front of my home has never been visited , But I'm not interested , When someone asked me about Shihua Cave , On the contrary, I don't know .

This year, because of the epidemic , Don't go out , Search the relevant scenic spots in Beijing , Don't search, don't know , A search found that Beijing is so rich in tourism resources , And a lot of them are not far away from themselves .

Before July this year , Most of the scenic spots in Beijing are closed , Now they are opening up , Beijing enters autumn in September , It's the best season of the year , It's also a good time to travel . We started this year's travel plan , Let's start with the scenic spots around us .

It's said that Shihua Cave is good , Then go and have a look .

Today is Sunday , It's cool , The weather forecast says there will be a shower , But it's sunny now , He doesn't care , set out !

The road conditions in Beijing are better , The road is flat , It's cool to drive , Through several villages , Into the mountains , The mood has also broadened a lot , Eyes full of green , Mountain peaks are in front of you and behind you , The mountain road turns nine to eighteen , Keep turning the steering wheel . Mountains and rivers lead nowhere , Another village , That's what it feels like . I met many cyclists along the way , Teams of , well-equipped .

The road is changeable , There's an illusion , Think it's a long distance , In fact, it's only 20 kilometers .

Before you know it , Navigation says .

Park your car in the parking lot , It's a kilometer away from the cave , We didn't take the ferry , Choose to walk past . The scenery in the mountains is quite wild , There seems to be no overall planning in the village , It feels like it's a bit primitive . I saw many farmhouse restaurants along the way , Because the epidemic is very depressed now , No guests . It took ten minutes to walk , To the scenic spot , Only then did we find that the on-site ticketing has been cancelled , You need an appointment to get into the hole , Fortunately, there are not many people visiting now , We use it temporarily at the door APP Booking tickets .

In front of the entrance to the cave, we should gather together a group of people at a time , A guide will lead you into the hole . The tour guide repeatedly stressed the safety requirements of the visit and after wearing the mask , Just introduced the scenic spot : Shihuadong National Geopark is located in nancheying village, Hebei town, Fangshan District, Beijing , It is a national key scenic spot 、 National Geoparks and national level 4A The scenic spot . It is a large scale karst cave discovered in China 、 Multiple layers of holes 、 The sedimentary types are complete 、 Caves with a large number of secondary chemical deposits , Its aesthetic value and scientific research value can also rank in the forefront of caves in the world , And the famous ludiyan in Guilin 、 Yuhua cave in Fujian Province 、 Yaolin cave in Hangzhou is known as the four karst caves in China . The original name of Shihua Cave is “ Qianzhen Cave ”, Since it was discovered in the Ming Dynasty, there has been 500 many years . There are three marble Buddha statues in the cave , It was renamed “ Stone Buddha Cave ”, Incense once flourished for a time . The cave body of Shihua Cave is a multi-storey and multi branched structure , There are seven floors up and down , The length of the tunnel from the first floor to the fifth floor is 5000 rice , 6、 ... and 、 The seventh floor is the underground river water and water filling tunnel layer . The elevation of the cave entrance 251 rice , From the water table in the area 160 rice , It belongs to a cave near the water table . Shihua Cave is named after the natural stone flower . There are many forms of stone flowers , There is a lot of splendor , Huge Numbers of , It is the best cave in China . The general feature of Shihua Cave is that the cave is multi-layered and multi branched , From top to bottom 7 layer , The landscape on each floor is different , Known as the “ The underground pearl of Beijing ”. The milk stone is formed by the moon “ Stone lotus ”, from 540 The rest of the stalactites are high 10 rice , Long 18 The stone curtain and flag of M 、 Double color stone shield 、 Longgong Shuangzhu and other landscapes are excellent cave karst landscapes at home and abroad .

Although there are seven floors in Shihua Cave , But now there's only one 、 And all three floors 、 Part of the tunnel on the fourth floor is open to the public , The tour is as long as 2500 rice .

I found out that our temporary team , Young and old , There are three children , The youngest is about five or six years old .

As soon as you get close to the cave entrance, there is a cool breath coming , It makes people shiver , Take your coat out of your bag and put it on .( We did our homework in advance , With clothes )

When you enter the cave, you will go down , The stairs are narrow , And it's all water vapor , It's slippery . Follow the guide carefully all the way , All the way to see are strange stalactites , It's like what you think of yourself , Three point image , Imagine seven .

Every time you arrive at a scenic spot, the guide stops to explain , These scenic spots are illuminated by red and green lights , Some are magnificent 、 Meteorological ten thousand , Some are small and exquisite 、 beautiful . This hole is still very beautiful , Compared with the caves I've been to in China , It's no worse , But the tickets here are much cheaper than those in other places .

Listen to the guide , These scenic spots consist of twelve tall cave halls and sixteen caves , There are also 63 adits of different sizes and shapes . There are many kinds of sub biochemical sediments in Shihua Cave 、 Beautiful shape , There are various kinds of stone flowers 、 Shizhi 、 Stalactite ; Elegant and beautiful stone tower 、 Shidun 、 Stone lamp 、 Stone terraces ; Magnificent stone curtain 、 Stone flag 、 Stone falls ; The bright white moonmilk stone and the glittering color light wall , The Shihua Cave is simply the essence of all the karst cave deposits . I watched and listened all the way , Walk carefully , At the beginning, I took some pictures , Then I just put away my cell phone .

We went down to the third floor and went out to see the wine hole , A lot of pots, big and small , It's filled with grains and liquor from Guizhou and Shandong .

Is it strange ? No wonder , There are not only many types of cave deposits 、 Beauty of form , And the hole is solid 、 distinct , The air in the cave is fresh 、 The annual temperature is 17.8 ℃, The temperature is right , The environment is good . Because of the large space and underground river in the deep part of the cave , Therefore, the favorable conditions for the cave climate environment to regulate itself are formed , It is very suitable for the storage of liquor .

Um. , To store wine in a cave of stone flowers , Who came up with ? however , This is interesting .

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