Zhongyuan Festival

2020-11-19 22:20:33  作者:Photo weekly

My son finished his homework early tonight , I suggest to go to Lihu park to fish . So the family set off with their nets and buckets .

Look up on the road , A full moon is high . Turn out your mobile calendar , It turns out that today is the mid Yuan Festival in July and a half ! According to the customs of Wu , It's not suitable to go out tonight , My heart is a little scared .

But the two men didn't care about it , My son is fond of playing , Sir, calm : I'm a man of integrity , Why be afraid of ?

The park is sparsely populated , Occasionally one or two of them rest in the night wind .

The bright moon is in the sky , Echo with the reflection of the lake .

The ferris wheel is constantly changing colors .

The children searched in the water with a flashlight …

When you find a small fish, you will make a decisive move .

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