Grass is growing on the balcony again

2020-11-19 22:20:27  作者:Photo weekly

Following 5 After being planted with various color leaf taro , It's like opening up a new world ,10 Another wave of the month continues …… Once the open balcony with flowers all the year round has become my memory , My resentment ……

Wa's father knows that I like to grow flowers , I used to swear that : The balcony of the new house will satisfy you , The result is , We can only raise some colored leaves , I can only ha ha .

Trout Begonia , Nice name , I'm also proud of my beauty , But the price is not beautiful . I don't know if I can raise it ?

Noon that day , My daughter came back from school , I saw her on the flower shelf , say : wow ! This is so special !

“ Pretty good , You know the goods better ……” Praise her , I thought it was her , It's not good to see , In particular , I'm sorry , ha-ha .

Trout Begonia

Are all the plants named so nice today ? Like the basin below “ Oil painting wedding Chlorophytum ”, It's romantic .

Sure enough, it's cheating , I don't believe what I shot myself , The color is so beautiful , Is it bright ? Sometimes if you ask customer service , Is there any color difference ? It's usually told that it's a normal shot . I finally know , Strange can only blame the mobile phone camera function is too good , Camera pot !

Oil Painting

How I look at her , It's a little like the purple Chlorophytum on the wall of my hometown's courtyard , I don't know if it's a species , Or graft the improved version ? Everything grows by the sun , The day after the plants got home , It's raining again . It is said that the sun is better , The more colorful the color . It's a little bit southwest , But just point to the light in the afternoon , Come on, it's sunny .

Purple lucky grass , It's also called Oxalis , That day, I saw wild in the grass , I think it's lovely , I took it with me when I placed the order , With little pink flowers , I don't know how long it will last ?

creeping oxalis

This little cute is 5 Monthly , It's really good to feed , As long as there's water , Not picky , To serve . There are only two leaves left in the double line taro with her , I can't get in the sun , It's scorched in the sun , It's not as beautiful as pink .

Beauty pink

Same as in May , I really grew up a lot , It's not delicate , I really like .

Queen Ruyi

There is also a pot of green rose growing into “ The waterfall ”, For more than a year , Special President , It's been pruned many times , The longer it is, the longer it will be , It's like human hair . The child said , The green rose is powerful ,

Every time I grow up, I shave it into “ Flat head ”, Let's make you crazy this time .

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