So it is

2020-11-19 22:20:21  作者:Photography weekly pictures

The older you grow, the more you find and be sure , The meeting between people 、 Know each other and know each other , Need fate , It is also necessary to trust and understand that we can open our hearts to each other , It's good to be familiar with it , Strange, no matter , I believe that some of us will like to talk to many strangers about something very intrinsic , Or insights 、 Opinions, etc , Maybe the collision and spark of ideas , It's all fun , Of course, the premise is to be comfortable , I don't talk about it s, Even chatting , And then I understand , It turns out that they are the same kind of each other , So at that point 、 Line 、 Noodles , The time and time of the time and people and achieved this chat or mutual talk , There is no sense of violation , So it is , Through a familiar 、 A stranger , I suddenly understood myself a little .

We will be happy and relaxed to share our own opinions and opinions , There is no coercion , No move , Yes, there is. , Like playing football , Don't fight, don't rob , You play , I pick up. , I kick , You take it , You signal , I'll keep tea …… Everything just came right .

Good night , auspicious .

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