What is the second round, why do individuals and enterprises have to learn to repeat?

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1、 What is a double dish :

The so-called resumption , It's more of a mental reappearance of events , It can be a reappearance of a real situation , It can also be a paper storm . By recreating the whole process of the event in mind and on paper afterwards , Reexamine 、 Thinking about behavior and thinking in events , To find out the problem , Learn from experience , Find the root cause , Sum up the law , Finally, we can improve our ability .

2、 Why do you have a repeat :

replay , We can see , In the course of what happened , How many external uncontrollable factors are there , How many are active and controllable factors , What is the result of luck , What are the reasons for strength , So that we can better

Know yourself and your environment , Not arrogant , I don't belittle myself , No excuses .

3、 There are three types of double dealing :

Self recount : It's the simplest 、 The most operational way to double check , Not limited by external conditions such as time and space , And it's not constrained by what's going on , As long as we are willing to , Just form a habit , At any time 、 Anywhere 、 Repeat at will . In retrospect , A reflection , A contrast , A summary , It can be double .

If in the process of self resurrection can be with the help of experts , Then you can go beyond your own level , Look at the problem at a higher level , The conclusion of self-determination will also be more reliable , It's also possible to come up with more conclusions , It's also more likely to improve your ability , Get unexpected benefits . And then improve yourself .

The team's comeback : It can make the leader and members of the second round grow up . The team is divided into two parts 4 A step : Review the goal 、 Evaluate the results 、 The analysis reason 、 Sum up the law .

Second round attitude : Open mind , Be honest with me , Seeking truth from facts , Reflect on yourself , Benefit by mutual discussion .

Repeat the offer to others : Learn from what others do and learn from it ,· It's a very “ A good thing to do , Because the re offer is not really cost you to do , It's someone else who uses resources in front of you “ I've had a drill ”.

There are two types of others in the re offer : One is a plate that is purely a return to others ; The other is to compare and double check .

example : What Lenovo has advocated in the second round “5 seek ”: Truth seeking ( The emphasis is on seeking truth from facts )、 realistic ( Focus on the content and find the reason ), To study ( Focus on improving and improving ), To seek the interior ( Focus on reflection and self analysis ), Seeking Tao ( The key is to find the essence ).

, How to land the second round

Make a timely reply to minor matters :

After the action, we should make timely re offer ;, Make improvement plan and implement .

The major events are staged :

Big projects are under way , We need to have a periodic review ( Half a month or a month ): Adjust your goals or strategies in a timely manner .

We'll have a full recovery afterwards :

At the end of a big project or strategy , We have to make a general double check , Lessons learned , Find the rules .

4, The three middle roles in double play :

Guide people : Make oneself an example , Take the lead in the second round , Pass it on to your subordinates .

The questioner : The essential , First learn tools and methods to lead the team to practice and use

Narrator : Be detached from , Stand outside oneself to see double dish .

Be modest , Empty yourself for a repeat .

In the second set , Be honest , Don't pretend .

5、 There are two ways to double check :

Situation reproduction : It's quite a movie playback way , Rehearse the past in the re - offer .

The key point rule : In the course of the second round , By first determining the key points of the replica event , Then recreate around the key points 、 Think and deduce the method of the second round .

There are two kinds of key point rules :

The positive key point rule : In the course of the second round , Consider events according to time sequence or event content , Looking for key nodes , Then, the method of reproducing and thinking around the key nodes is .

The reverse key rule : In the course of the second round , Based on previous experience , Determine the key success factors that must be met for the success of the event , Then, we will make a re offer around key success factors .

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