"Amazing" moves in learning chess

2020-11-19 22:20:17  作者:Photography weekly pictures

It's night , the moon is bright and stars are few , It's cool , My daughter and I are not going to get out , I have to play chess at home . The pieces are missing , The map is gone , I have to play chess for fun .

So eight year old daughters are the main ones , Just the limited thirty-six , We do all kinds of imagination to see , It's : White and black , Go back and forth , The world is as clear as learning ; A weekly , To work around , We didn't want to list all the interesting stories .

All flowers are brilliant

circular fan

Two flowers

12 o'clock

A bunch of roses

Mom's cell phone

A small house

The little girl

The mountain is high and the moon is small

Niu Niu's hand

One foot deep and one foot shallow

Two wine jars

The heart is on



Ice cream



Ugly woman

flowers in clusters


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