Hope you can hold both fireworks and poetry on the right

2020-11-19 22:20:11  作者:Photography weekly pictures

Friends share :

I'm no longer patient with something , It's not because I became proud , It's just that my life has reached a stage , I don't want to waste any more time on things that make me unhappy or hurt me . For cynicism , Over critical , With any form of demand , I have no patience . I don't want to please people who don't like me , Or to love someone who doesn't love me , Or to those who don't want to smile at me .

Friends are like mirrors , A good friend makes you like yourself more , Bad friends may make you hate yourself , Question yourself , In a way , Advantages become disadvantages .

Living in a fickle world , It's not easy for anyone , It's just that as adults, we're all used to showing our best self or state in front of others , This is a must , It should be the same , Because everybody is like this , Nobody likes , I don't have so much time to listen to other people's trifles and chicken feathers , Something to talk about , Don't talk nonsense , It's like what an adult should do .

In the past, when I was young, I would hurt the spring and mourn the autumn , Wasting time, indulging in one's own world , Cannot extricate oneself , I don't want to be grounded , Today's buzzwords are also popular “ The Buddha is ” life . Now , The left hand is fireworks , The right hand is poetry . Enjoy it every day , The seven flavors of the world : Sweet and sour, bitter and spicy, salty and light hemp , Even if not every day , It's impossible for everything to go well , Tell yourself , Always think about it in one or two miles , Reflect more . Although we are not monarchs now , But at a certain stage , You could even say , Look down on the warmth and coldness of human feelings , Time brings great changes to the world , Slowly, I don't want to please people who are not in the same frequency as myself , Or a group of people , As the saying goes , Birds of a feather flock together , Birds of a feather flock together , We can be safe in our own world , Can also walk in the crowd that knows oneself , such , sufficient .

Written in Xiaoshu , I wish you all the best !

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