Walking autumn 1

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After the autumn , Beijing is becoming more and more beautiful . The beauty of Beijing is golden 、 It's red , The sky is high and the clouds are light , Pleasant scenery .

Whether you walk on the streets of the city 、 Country park or field forest , The beauty of autumn is everywhere . After the frost , Red leaves can be seen everywhere 、 Yellow leaves 、 Colorful leaves , The frost leaves are redder than the flowers in February .

Not enough , I can't finish , A random shot is a picture .

In autumn, some people like to go to famous scenic spots to see red leaves , Look at the gingko leaves , Seeing the red leaves has become a ritual , A ritual of autumn worship , It's really over the season when you've finished .

Although people can't go to the scenic spots every day , As long as you have a pair of eyes that are good at finding beauty , The beauty of autumn is by your side every day .

Because autumn is walking , She walked across the sky 、 Across the earth , Go to the city , Through the country , Through the woods , Across the grass , Out of the street , Into the mountains ……

I go out for exercise every day , Being able to feel positive change , environmental change , Changes in flowers and plants . People live forever , Plant a autumn , Flowers and plants also have life , From spring to autumn , I saw a cycle of flowers and plants , See life bloom , Tenacious survival .

Autumn , I followed her too , Constantly recording her figure . Her dress changed from green to multicolored ……

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