Appreciate the beauty of photography (1)

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“ People who don't know how to photograph , It will be the illiteracy of the future .”—— Laszlo · Mohouli - Naji

“The illiterate of the future will be the person ignorant of the use of the camera as well as the pen.”——Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

One 、 Understand the importance of photography

Photography as a way of expression

On a private level : Photography is an important way of interpersonal communication , yes One of the indispensable is the way to socialize

At the public level : Photography is a powerful tool to draw people's attention to public events , It's indispensable in media coverage

Two 、 Appreciate the beauty of photography , Start by learning to appreciate good photos

Photography is the essential language of our times !

Master a word , Learn to write with it , The only way to go is to read the model text written in this kind of writing , It's classic literature

Master the language of photography , Appreciate the beauty of photography , Take good pictures , The only way to go is to see a lot of classic photos in the history of photography

3、 ... and 、 The beauty of form —— A good picture first catches the eye in form

3.1 The light

Berenice · Abbott 《 Night view of New York ,1932 year 》

/* Photography (photography) It's painting with light

/* Wait until it's dark enough and the buildings are lit

/* The photos capture the energy of the colorful metropolis

3.2 Silhouette

Eliot · Erwitt 《 In Paris, , The French ,1989 year 》

/* Creative exposure of images , Can significantly improve the expression of the photo

/* Exposure to the background , To silhouette the characters in the foreground

/* The romantic atmosphere of Paris , Highlighted by silhouette

3.3 Tone

Ansel · Adams 《 Moonrise ,1941 year 》

/* Tone , It's different from light and dark , It is an important means of expression in photography

/* Adams area exposure is the ultimate treatment of tone

/* Contrast the light with the dark , Light up with darkness , The bright spot highlights , It leads to the reverie of returning to heaven and earth

3.4 color

Steve · McCurry 《 Afghan girl ,1984 year 》

/* Color is a form of light

/* The more colors in a photo, the better , The use of color in moderation can often achieve better results

/* Consciously use color to serve the picture expression , Guide the audience's attention to the eyes

/* The contrast between red and green sets off a tense atmosphere

3.5 line

Henry · Cartier - Bresson 《 Yeel, France ,1932 year 》

/* Composition is another major part of the beauty of photography form , And line is an important composition element , Level 、 Vertical line 、 Oblique line 、 Each curve has its own visual meaning

/* There are visible lines in the picture , There are also invisible lines

3.6 shape

Arnold · Newman 《 Igor · Stravinsky , New York ,1946 year 》

/* The combination of lines forms the shape , It's another big element of composition

/* circular 、 triangle 、 Each square has its own visual meaning

/* The symbolism and combination of shapes make this picture meaningful

3.7 rhythm

David · Gibson 《 London ,2008 year 》

/* The essence of composition is the establishment of a sense of order , And the establishment of a sense of order , Most of the time, it depends on the control of the visual rhythm of the picture

/* The importance of the elements of the picture is suddenly broken , Form aesthetic visual pause point

3.8 contrast

Lagu · Raj 《 mumbai ,1995 year 》

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