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2018 year 10 month 24 Japan

I took a day off to see HOUSE VISION-- Explorers 2018 exhibition , It was the day before the closing day .

I went to see the original design works of teacher Yanya .

Enter the exhibition area , The first one is Hara X Zhang Yonghe 《 Concrete implement 》.

I remember it was co signed with Haier .

Who is Zhang Yonghe ? At that time, I didn't know .

The designers associated with this exhibition are Li Hu , Qingshan Zhouping , Ma Yansong and so on . These people seem to know , At that time, I just heard the name .

It's over , Come to the tailroom , It's a CITIC bookstore .

At that time, I went in for a stroll , Take a look at the new book of the former teacher .

It happened that there was a salon in front of the main stage , One “ Little old man ” Say a word of Beijing “ The urban design of Beijing is not right now , A lot of tall buildings have been built , There's no design for the skyline of the city .

I remember when we were little, we could see Daxishan in Beijing in the yard , Now it's all blocked up ……”

I thought. : Who is this ? What's wrong with Beijing ? Why do you say that ?

It seems to be done with the original teacher 《 Concrete implement 》 The man who .

A year later

Because of my work and interest, I began to pay attention to architectural design .

When searching for relevant videos , Again, I heard the familiar voice above .

I just knew that it was a master architect Zhang Yonghe .

He is known as the Nobel Prize in architecture “ Pritzker Prize ” The judges of .

He was the head of the Department of architecture at MIT , He is the second generation of famous architects in China 、 The designer of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and Tiananmen auditorium is Kaiji's son .

90 Back home in the s “ Extraordinary architects ”.

Chinese people like to call “ Soy milk teacher ”.

Get rid of these glossy labels .

I prefer Zhang Yonghe's simplicity 、 direct 、 Frankness 、 A profound way of communication and Have critical design thinking .

One 60 A multi-year-old designer can still maintain the curiosity and exploration of a child , What a precious quality it is .

A designer dares to speak his own design principle in the most common words , There is no rhetoric , There's no sophistication , manifest plainness, embrace simplicity , This is the real person . Our young designers should reflect on this point , In addition to the standard communication , Did you also commit “ Always carrying ” What's wrong with .

Mr. Zhang Yonghe has a lot of excellent works for reflection .

among ,“ Vertical glass house ” I still can't understand .

But I really like what he does “ Mountain Language ”、“ Jishou Huang Yongyu Art Museum ( Art Gallery on the bridge )” and “ Wu Dayu Art Museum in Wuzhen ”, Three works , It's really “ Very architectural ”.

I organized Mr. Zhang Yonghe 10 A representative speech and interview , I hope it will be helpful to those who want to know him .

by the way , Soybean milk teacher's speech speed is relatively slow , So it's cute , ha-ha .

The students of acute son can 1.5 Times to watch , Basically speaking at normal speed .

1.《 The head of MIT's Department of architecture, who plays in design circles : People should not be limited by their occupations 》——House Vision2018 Interview after the exhibition [][https_www.bilibili.com_video_BV1M7411g7wj_from_search_seid_6182205830361896556]

2.《 Mortise and tenon Talks Zhang Yonghe : The meaning of architecture is within architecture 》—— real 、 The lovely Zhang Yonghe tells the story of architecture [][https_www.bilibili.com_video_BV1ub411z75G_from_search_seid_6182205830361896556]

3.《2018 year CHV Explorers - Zhang Yonghe has a talk with Takeo Toya and masuno Murayama - Zhang Yonghe introduces concrete tools 》—— Students shoot [][https_www.bilibili.com_video_BV19J411j7yv_from_search_seid_6182205830361896556]

4.【 The speech was recorded 】 Zhang Yonghe 《 Contradictory suits 》【 A speech 】[][https_www.bilibili.com_video_BV1db411J7kS_from_search_seid_15152501683661730833]

5.【 words 】《 Zhang Yonghe is amiable to architecture 》[][https_www.bilibili.com_bangumi_play_ep313892]

6.《 Zhang Yonghe's works - Jishou Art Museum 》96 A Chinese genius , Donating money to build houses for my hometown in Hunan ,3600㎡ Free for the whole town [][https_www.bilibili.com_video_BV1G4411G7NS_from_search_seid_15152501683661730833]

7.【 Single reading - Reading recommends 】《 Zhang Yonghe : Sensibility is pushing rationality to the extreme 》 [][https_v.qq.com_x_cover_ek1vh534vogzoei_n03873k8rv8.html]

8.【 With deletion 】gooood Interview with Zhang Yonghe [][https_v.qq.com_x_page_o0375ynbv33.html_out_1]

  1. There's room - bay TALK Lecture | Zhang Yonghe : Design experience [][https_mp.weixin.qq.com_s_3mGcmmr9kVFPLc66nCyAaQ]

10.《 Top diners 》 show - Zhang Yonghe has nothing to do with time [][https_v.qq.com_x_page_w08354h0rwj.html]

2018 year 10 month 12 Japan

Due to the company's Innovation Day activities in Qingdao Haier Industrial Park It's my honor to know Haier innovation and innovation design center Friend, .

2018 year 10 month 24 Japan

Because of an exhibition on barley and a circle of friends, I learned that yuan Yanya was curating the exhibition in the bird's nest 《HOUSE VISION Future life exhibition 》.

On the same day, I photographed the original teacher's design and video, but I met another person who influenced my new understanding of design —— Mr. Zhang Yonghe .

His Very architectural X Haier Innovation Design Center Created 《 Concrete implement 》 This paper introduces the status of people's home life in the future .

Same day

I also saw 《HOUSE VISION Future life exhibition 》 in TCL X Crossboundaries It's done 《 Your home 》 Theme works .

This work is executed by my good friend's company .

This good friend once introduced me to an activity called UFo Friends of architectural firms .

At that time, I didn't understand , I don't know. UFo What is it? , I just think it's very powerful .

2019 year 08 month -2019 year 12 During the month

I began to learn the architecture knowledge of Mr. Zhang Yonghe , Look at his understanding of space . I also saw from moocnet that a Taiwanese teacher had a special course to study Zhang Yonghe's experience and design works from a third perspective .

I learned that Zhang Yonghe's father was Kaiji , He was the chief designer of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute .

2019 year 10 month 28 Japan

The company innovation day was held in Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute , The boss gave me a chance to share with the professionals in the field of architectural design .

I learned that UFo The studio also belongs to Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute .

The way you're going , Every step counts .

Share with you .

come on. !

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