How to use bright colors in photography to achieve great success

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Your camera can capture almost everywhere the intense real color . How hard is that ? answer : It's actually easy to capture colors . however , In creating has extra “ charm ” The image of , You need to practice more consciousness . Here are some tips to help you capture the bright colors in photography .

Like other types of photography , Simplicity is an art in itself . Although the details are important , But sometimes it's necessary to reduce the number of details . therefore , When using bright colors in photography , If you only contain key elements instead of using too much , Then your story may have a greater impact .

You can implement simplicity in different ways . The first is by minimizing the number of colors in the frame . Yes , In some cases , Many colors work together in images very well , But it can be confusing at other times . You need to guide the audience's eyes . Another way to keep it simple is to avoid too much detail in the combination . It has the same effect as too many colors . When using bright colors , Simple results will be better .

Starting with smaller colors is usually better . You can focus on a major color and build from there . When you start adding other colors , Please make sure they are used together . Fortunately, , You don't have to reinvent the color wheel , And you can use the proven color harmony .

Color harmony is a combination of visual attraction . Some options include complementary colors ( The ones on the wheels that are right with each other ) And similar colors ( Those next to each other ).

These two kinds of harmony exist in nature . A sunset orange and blue are examples of complementary colors . And for the midday blue sky, the green trees are more like similar colors . When you use color combinations , Please take the time to make the final image enjoyable .

Your scene may be full of color , Full of energy and busyness . If this is what you want to portray , So everything's fine . On the other hand , What if you want a theme in the isolated chaos ? You can use colors to achieve this . Do that , One of your options is to desaturate / Reduce colors that don't contribute to your theme story .

The other is to paint bright colors on dull colors , To help it stand out . Besides , Adjust the hue and brightness of the color next to the main color to help it pop up .

Here are some simple ways , Can help your colors interact with each other :

When using bold and strong colors , Please pay attention to the use of white balance . Your camera has several white balance options , Can handle different lighting conditions ( shadow , overcast , Fluorescence, etc ). These all affect the overall color of the image . They either move the color to the warmer side ( By adding yellow ), Or move the color to the colder side ( By adding blue ). therefore , White balance can enhance your color or completely change the tone .

Be careful : If you don't want the color to look too blue or too yellow , You can choose to manually adjust the white balance color temperature .

By default , Saturation is used to enhance the color intensity of each color in the image . however , You can use editing software and selectively use saturation . When trying to make colors interact with each other , Can increase the intensity of a color , At the same time, desaturate other colors in the scene .

Vibrance And saturation ( Apply the same level )

When you change Vibrance when , It is better than Saturation More specifically .Vibrance Only adjust the intensity of the darker colors in the image . When playing colors , This tool can be very effective .

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