Portrait photography by mobile phone

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This is an easy to read photo tutorial .

No nonsense , Go straight to the point !( Not professional , To a good friend )

One 、 Scene

  1. panorama : That is, the whole body of the character is in the picture .

Applicable scenario : Setting off the environment and the atmosphere .

Key points of shooting :

Try to keep the background simple , Let the characters stand out in the background , Like a solid background .

Generally, vertical composition is selected , This will make the background less , The subject is more prominent , More slender .

Vertical width

Of course , It reflects the stretching of characters' movements , You can also choose banners .


  1. medium shot : Above the knee

Applicable scenario : The action of the characters wins , The environment is of secondary importance .

medium shot

Shooting techniques : Small props can be used to make up for the environment is not obvious due to the scene and aperture , Make the picture more vivid .


  1. Close up : Above the chest .

Applicable scenario : Show the character's appearance .

Shooting techniques : Three part composition , The following picture is to show the composition of the trisection , Medium range scenery is not very standard , It should be shot down a little bit more . Pictured , Is to divide the picture into a “ well ” word , Place the character at one or more points at any intersection .


Key points of shooting : Because of the smaller background , Pay attention to focus accurately , The focus of general character photography is on the eye part , Who makes the eyes the window of the mind !

  1. close-up : Above the shoulder .

Applicable scenario : The expression of facial form or an organ can also be

Cu above shoulder

Show your eyes

Key points of shooting : Cell phones don't have . Skipping .

If you use a camera, pay attention to wide-angle distortion , Try to use medium and long coke (85-135mm A more appropriate ) At the same time, due to wide-angle distortion, we must find a good angle .

Two 、 Character angle

  1. Front portrait : That is, the photographer is facing the subject .

Applicable scenario : beauty . Especially beautiful can be , Most people are a little stiff in front of them .

characteristic : Dignified and steady , Symmetry and harmony .

Show only the front , Not dignified and steady

Practice is the only criterion for testing truth , I don't have a front view

  1. Seven points like : The face turns 30°

Not suitable for : Thin face High cheekbones ( It's not very high. It should be OK , After all, my cheekbones are higher , But it's OK to shoot seven ) Sunken cheek

  1. It's like three : Turn your face 60°

Not suitable for : High cheekbones ( Zygomatic too high will enlarge the shortcomings , A little bit high may not matter , For example, I )

Key points of shooting : The tip of the nose should not go beyond the outside of the face . Otherwise it's a profile . Or between the two .

Error model :

The two noses are above the outline of the face , I can't even say it's a three-point or a side , But sometimes it's OK to feel good , It's not that rigid .

  1. Profile portrait : The pentagram .

Applicable scenario : The profile is good .

3、 ... and 、 Photographer's angle

  1. Flat shot

characteristic : Because the flat shot angle is the same as the angle that the human eye can see , So it's very approachable .

Key points of shooting :

Take a bust —— The stand is located in the chest

Take a full body picture —— It's at the waist

Close up —— It's in the eyes

Most of the photos are flat shot . No more illustrations .

  1. Overhead stroke

characteristic : The people photographed are majestic and tall .

The chin and gills will widen , The forehead will narrow .

advantage : Highlight models , The background will be clean .

Applicable scenario : When you take a full body picture ( Because the camera perspective is distorted , It lengthens the legs , Show height ! That's why you ask your boyfriend to take pictures lower ) And a sense of jumping .

From the Internet

  1. Overhead

characteristic : God's perspective . There's a kind of repression 、 Deep emotional color .

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