[Photo] spring waves in Yongding River

2020-11-19 22:16:47  作者:Mobile phone photography

Because it's not far from home 、 convenient transportation , I can say that the gate ditch Yongding River regular visitors , Almost every month, I'll go wandering about once or twice . Since the 18th CPC national congress , With the increasing investment of the state to the ecological environment , Great progress has been made in the construction of Yongding river ecological corridor . Especially this spring , The state introduces a large amount of water supplement from Sanggan River to the Yellow River , The past was desolate and messy 、 The Yongding River, which has been broken for a long time, has a wave of waves 、 Water birds fly 、 Willow and silk 、 The beautiful new face of flowers and trees , It became a mountain to see 、 You can see the water 、 The environment is clean 、 A quiet and beautiful place for leisure .

Where there is an interest , Try to use the beautiful picture today app Process it , It feels like it works really well , It really makes a lot more eye - raising .

therefore , It is suggested that taking a good picture of the landscape should have the following factors : One is a good scenery , Second, good equipment , Third, good skills , Fourth, good post production . I? , The equipment has only one old mobile phone , Photography is also amateur , In the aspect of post production, it is a rookie , But there is love and enthusiasm for photography , Good scenery can also be met often , And it's always a way to stop the urge to cut the beauty off the camera and share with friends . Ha , No hope to be a photographer , Just enjoy it .

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