I'll do it like this next time I take a picture with my best friend

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There's a feeling called girlfriends

When you are down and lonely

There are always some people who support you silently

Even if life abuse you a thousand times

But with the warmth of my girlfriends

It doesn't seem that hard

They cried and laughed with you “ insane ” too

Grow up with you

This kind of love between girls and girls

In fact, it is not lost in love

And when you're with your best friend

Most ceremonial 、 The most special event

It's better to take a group of fun and good-looking friends

But do you sometimes feel

The photos of my best friend are not creative 、 mechanical ?

Today I'll teach you 4 A little trick

Make your best friend's picture different

Be careful ① Uniform clothing

Take photos with your best friend , For most people , It was a great shooting experience .

Uniform dress , The photos taken are in harmony with each other in terms of color , At the same time, it can give people a sense of being bright in front of their eyes .

/# One 、 Same style, same color /#

With the same color of clothing matching , Plus a series of similar postures , The elements of the picture are highly uniform .

Of course , This way of shooting , Can better show the intimacy between friends , Create a “ Each other is another self ” The sense of the picture .

And when the subject's clothing color is light color , With the help of natural light ( Such as side light ), Make the difference between light and shade in the color of the picture , Add layers to your photos .

/# Two 、 Different colors of the same style /#

If you want to make your best friend's photo more eye-catching , At the same time, it brings a sense of unity to people , And create a sense of difference in the picture , At this time, you can match clothes , Choose the color matching principle of different colors of the same model .( Mainly local color differences )

Because of the color difference in the picture , A picture of a close friend does not produce a dull feeling , It's easy to cause visual jumping .

( Orange and camel )

( Pink and white )

( Blue and light green )

( Purple and dark green )

Be careful ② Creative and funny shooting

Take a picture of your best friend , Except to look good , Fun and fun is also our pursuit of shooting effect . After all, someone is willing to do it with you “ insane ” What happened , It's a lucky thing .

such as , Borrow the props —— sunglasses , Take a group of creative Sunglasses (“ Once you wear sunglasses , Nobody loves ”)

If it's multiple people shooting , Pay attention to the position of the characters in the picture , Try not to stand side by side in the same row , It's a little dull and boring .

Stand properly staggered , The sense of hierarchy is enhanced , With a series of moves : Probe 、 Cover your mouth 、“ Thousand-hand Bodhisattva ”...... The photos are very interesting .

Except for the head up angle , You can also try putting the phone on the ground , Camera up , Taking the sky as the background , Take a low angle back shot .

And in terms of composition , Using a special diagonal composition , Photo oriented enhancement , The composition of the picture is novel and interesting .

Besides , It's like a mirror 、 Balloons and other props , They create an invisible relationship between girlfriends , Through some creative shooting , The picture is also very interesting .

A lot of times , Creative photos of my best friend , Not only to retain the joy of shooting , It also makes our friendship stronger .

Be careful ③ A series of action groups

After determining the shooting scene of a good girl's photo , According to the environment around the site , Set the theme of the shooting , Design a series of screen actions . Through these series of actions , Convey the mode of communication and interaction between girlfriends .

And then around the theme , Connect the photos together in a group of pictures , It's easier to create a kind of picture atmosphere by taking such photos of girlfriends , The photo has a strong sense of being brought in .

There are 3 Points to pay attention to :

①: The consistency of photo action should be strong , Otherwise, it's easy for the viewer to “ Play ”, Can't understand what the photographer is trying to convey .

②: Shooting angles should be diversified , Don't be unchangeable .

Here's the picture , The shooting angle of the group is : Low angle → Head up side shot → From a high angle , Shooting from multiple angles and directions , Enrich the content of the picture .

③: The overall color of the photo should be consistent , Create a harmonious visual effect .

Be careful ④ Express yourself

And finally , If you want to express your girlfriends more personalized , Then the self-expression of the subject in the picture should be clear , There's freedom between interactions , Show your most personal side in the camera .

When shooting , Whether it's indoors or outdoors , The pose of the subject should be generous 、 It's not formal .

When in an indoor environment , Friends can shoot some relatively life scene , This kind of living environment at home , It's easier for people to show their true nature .

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