Don't miss the most beautiful season of Wisteria in April

2020-11-19 22:16:42  作者:Mobile phone photography

cole flowers , Cherry blossoms , Peach blossom …… The most beautiful scenery in spring , And the crowds . Actually , After the Qingming Festival, there is a kind of special beautiful flowers are quietly opening , That's Wisteria . Wisteria is special , It's hanging upside down from the vine , Xingsi waterfall , The blooming season is very spectacular .

Yesterday I took my ticket to the only Wisteria Park in Shanghai , It is said that it is also the largest in China , Jiading Wisteria garden , Although it's not in full bloom , But it's also beautiful. No more .

The ticket was suddenly lifted by me , mentally .

It's still a week before it's full bloom , Interested friends might as well go to see .

The begonias at the gate of the park are also in full bloom .

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