Introduction to photography_ Aperture, depth of field and focus

2020-11-19 22:16:37  作者:Mobile phone photography

Aperture is the most influential parameter in photography . From the perspective of exposure , The aperture reflects the amount of light entering . besides , The aperture also affects the depth of the photo and the out of focus blurring effect of the photo .

Depth of field is the range of clear images before and after focusing , It can be understood as the range of clear images in a photo . Understanding the depth of field is a prerequisite for understanding focusing . So called focusing , Is to focus on the subject , Keep the subject within the depth of field , In terms of effect , It is to make the subject clearer in the picture . The deeper the field , The clearer the picture is ; The shallower the depth of field , The less clear the picture is . Here is a sketch of the depth of field .

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