Photo weekly 7 (0401-0407)

2020-11-19 22:16:36  作者:Mobile phone photography

Probably because 7 I went to work on Sunday , I think it's been a long time .

A week , Also left some beautiful photos , I'd like to start with a few , Record the past days .

4.1 The sky is blue and clear , The sun shines brightly on the building

4.2 Little flowers on the side of the road, but competing to open

4.3 Reading illustration books 《My way1》, Several pictures with artistic conception and resonance are preserved .

—— Guard the past that can't go back , Better forget about the Jianghu , take one's ease .

4.5 In the afternoon, I visited Phoenix Tianxian city

The whole area is quite large , It's not completely built yet , The infrastructure inside , They're all under construction . But it doesn't affect people's enthusiasm to visit , There were also many people who came in admiration that day .

4.5 In Tianxian city , Ten thousand Cherry Blossom Garden .

Little cherry trees by the road , It's also blooming . It's a new transplant , But the flowers are in full bloom .

The flowers are similar from year to year , People are different from year to year .

4.7 Simple light and shadow drift

Always on the move , It's been a lot of gain and loss .

4.5 Children playing by the pool .

The world of children , Always so simple and happy , It's a trivial thing , You can have a good time .

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