Mobile phones can also take good pictures of your private house

2020-11-19 22:16:31  作者:Photography

This is a group of photos I took with my mobile phone

1, Set up the plane

Because of the limitations of mobile phone shooting , So I usually put my cell phone on a lazy man's stand , It's on the pole of a floor lamp which is similar to my head up view . Constantly adjust and observe which angle can take the whole body , Which angle can I take a local shot . How beautiful anyway , How to adjust the seat .

2, Shooting settings

Set the phone as the front camera , Set to voice control or delay shooting mode .

3, Notes for shooting

In the early days of filming , What you need to prepare for

a, Determine the style .

Although it's a private photo , There will also be different styles , You can go to many good photography websites to see the works of excellent photographers . Let's see how they choose their seats , How is it set , What is the pose of the model , We can learn more from .

b, Scenery

The setting is very important , If the background is messy , I think the photos I'm going to take will be messy , It doesn't protrude from the subject . So the background must be clean and tidy .

Private photos are usually taken in plain and solid colors , The white bed is perfect , But my dress today is yellow , So it goes well with green .

c, Lighting

all the time , Will emphasize the importance of light . It was at night when I filmed , So I used a floor lamp in the choice of light , Adjust the light to soft mode .

d, Make up

I think every girl should be able to make up a little bit , Make up is better than no make-up , I think everyone should understand , I won't repeat .

that , Because I like plateau red very much , So most of my self-made make-up will be painted with plateau red , It's too late today. , I don't care about it .

e, Sexy and revealing

A lot of people say , Isn't a private photo a nude photo ? I just want to roll my eyes . To me, , It's not dew, it's sexy , Not showing is not sexy . Some of the best private photographers shoot women ( Like a pair of flowers ), A lot of local details will be very beautiful , Like a close-up of the hand , Close up of the neck , Close up of the back and so on , Especially let people see, have yearning for , The first look at the picture will make you feel , EH , So sexy !

f, Composition

There can be more self portraits Local composition , To the point .

In the arrangement of subject matter , have access to 3 Divide and compose the picture .

Arranged in the picture 3 Divided 1 The location of