Activity video shooting strategy

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Activity videos mainly include meeting 、 speech 、 train 、 Salon And other on-site gags and activity process records and shows . Whether it is some small and medium-sized video studio or the Propaganda Department of enterprises and institutions , This kind of requirement and task is often encountered , that , How to use images to present the essence of an activity perfectly ?

Catchwork OR Record the whole process

Although the types of activities are different , But the customer ( Leader ) There are no more than two requirements for this kind of video :

1、 Capture the highlights of the event scene

2、 A relatively complete record of the activity flow

For imaging work , At the first time of receiving the task, you must obtain the relevant information from the event organizer , Identify activities Time 、 place 、 technological process , personnel And basic activity information , Then listen carefully to the organizer's detailed requirements for the event record .

Usually , The record of the activities of enterprises and institutions for the attendance of Leader 、 The guest More attention is paid to the presentation of , Some small brands and individuals are interested in brand ( figure ) Image display Show importance and care for . The requirements for some hard indicators must be kept in mind in the early stage , For example, the order in which the characters appear , You have to show up Guest list , brand LOGO Of How and how often Etc .

Hold on to the rigid index

Because there's only one event , A lot of wonderful and key images are fleeting , So for imaging workers , You have to make sure that this kind of Hard index Be on the safe side , Otherwise, if there is a mistake, it means “ Indifference to ”, There is no way to make up for it later .

After the first information docking with the event organizer, enter Preliminary preparation link , On this basis , According to the requirements of the sponsor 、 The venue of the event 、 Lighting conditions at the event site 、 Sound conditions to equip equipment and personnel for the day of the event . seat

It means how many cameramen need to be deployed . General big events , Organizers usually ask for No less than 3 One seat Record the whole shooting process in multiple directions , Make sure you don't miss out on the wonderful screen angle .

Take, for example, shooting a speech , Host bit It is usually used to record the speaker 、 platform 、 And even the panoramic picture with a larger audience , Side seat Usually focus on a close-up view of the speaker , The other side stands record the audience's feedback freely in the field , Details of the speaker's movements, expressions, etc , It's also known as “ The tour machine ”.

Basic three seats

For small, low-cost activities that don't require full recording ,1~2 One seat Enough to meet the record requirements , A host set in the center of the venue to record the host in a more stable state 、 The guest 、 What the audience said , The other is flexible to record the scene of more exciting gags and close-up pictures .

The light

Large scale activities are arranged in better lighting venues , So there is no need for the photographer to bring his own lighting equipment , But when shooting in a large venue , Because the light source on the spot is more complicated , White flag lamp 、 Fluorescent lamp 、 The color temperature of spotlights and other lights is different , It is easy to cause the later picture white balance difficult to unify , therefore , In the early stage, you have to record The white balance is correct The picture of . The same white balance parameters must be set for several stands , To avoid late mistakes .

The complex lighting of the venue

Besides , When interviewing people on the scene of the event, you need to fill in the light to achieve better portrait effect , At this time, it is very wise and necessary to carry a convenient light , This is a small LED Camera light It can be mounted on a camera or flexibly held , It's already a must-have for most video studios “ magical ”. For the Propaganda Department of some enterprises and institutions , such LED The lamp is easy to carry , Lower cost , You can also purchase by yourself , You can use it on many occasions .

portable LED Photographic lamp

radio reception

Loudspeakers are often used in large-scale activities , There is no need to use additional radio equipment in this scenario , however , For some small and medium-sized lectures 、 For Sharon , When the speaker doesn't have a microphone , At this time, it is necessary to carry some radio equipment .

At the scene of the event Interview shooting when , Because of the complexity of the background environment , There's a lot of noise , At this time Directional receiver microphone 、 Recording pen 、 Or little bees This is particularly critical , These devices ensure that the interviewee's voice can be heard clearly in a noisy environment .

“ Little bee ”& Heart shaped directional microphone

Of course , If the organizer asks for a full soundtrack video , Then there's no need to make a fuss about the radio link .

After defining the detailed requirements of the activity , It is necessary to make a general picture of the shooting process Shooting plans and scripts . The script doesn't have to be detailed to every shot , But the team has to be clear The division of personnel , Including the camera 、 The light 、 Radio, etc .

Before the official shooting 1~2 God , The photographer has to work with the event organizer To confirm again Details and requirements of the event , Before shooting 1 We have to go to the scene Site investigation , Set up the plane Etc , And finish equipment ( The battery ) The inspection of Work .

Site investigation & Equipment inspection

thus , The preliminary work is completed , The shooting team can rest assured , Waiting for shooting day to come .

I've already mentioned the location of the shooting scene 、 radio reception 、 Lighting and other technical indicators . I want to tell you that it is , Technology is important , But it shouldn't be the only factor that image workers care about . Especially for the shooting task with more scene changes such as activity recording , The importance of people It is self-evident that .

On the set , The imager has to work with everyone from the sponsor to the event Keep in touch and communicate , Keep an eye on the changes in the scene , The organizers may have a lot of temporary shooting requirements and tasks , According to the actual situation of the scene, the photographer should communicate with the organizer quickly and effectively before performing the operation , otherwise , Any self willed and slow down will leave an unprofessional impression on the organizers and the participants on the spot .

Keep in touch

Besides , Image workers often neglect their creativity in the shooting of activity videos , Subjectively, I think this kind of activity video is the same , Just follow the routine .

What circle wants to say is , Don't give up at any time Use images to play with creativity The opportunity of , Even shooting simple character interviews , You can also find another way , A small character can be set up with more than one micro action , Insert the interview screen into the post editing in time , May have unexpected effects .

Grasp the details

later stage

Last , Enter the post editing process . about The whole process record type For the activity video of , You just need to sort out the content of each slot , In the later editing, you can just check in .

about Gags In the video , Because of the large amount of material , It takes a lot of effort to sort and check carefully , This is the time , Even if there are important missing information, it's hard to remedy it , This is why the circle emphasizes the importance of the early work . The later habits of each studio and each worker will be different , But it's roughly the same as clip 、 dubbing ( Happy )、 Color matching 、 packing ( subtitle ) Wait for the workflow Conduct .

And then there's the exciting moment of film delivery , I hope your customers and bosses can be satisfied ~

Recently, I am doing my own video studio and official account , Mainly for you to share some video image production experience and tips , Hope you enjoy it ~