The new dream

2020-11-19 22:16:28  作者:Photography

Introduction to photography · new

Trees · however

About photography

Used to think

I am a boy who yearns for poetry and the distance

I have thought about it many times

In the future, in the future

A person

Carrying a backpack

Take the SLR

Record the journey

one day

You can feel like you've come long enough

Leave a good memory in your life

Maybe it stayed in my heart for too long , Thinking more and more deeply , More and more firm . therefore , It becomes faith , In my heart , Little bud , Gradually ingrained .

At that time · yulan

「 Photography · My origins 」

I want to learn photography , It's because of simple books . This software , It was my deskmate who brought up , Because of curiosity , So download . I inadvertently paid attention to this column of photography , I read several articles in it , Just interested in photography . Looking through the album , I found that what I shot was actually good . Although there is no artist's realm , It's really low end , But there is a trace of persistence in my heart , I want to have a try . therefore , My photography grew up , Coming soon .

「 Photography · My introduction 」

The first knowledge of photography , It's a few articles in the column of bamboo photography , Later, I learned some professional knowledge . Although now because I am still a student , I don't pay special attention to this kind of expertise , But hope to have this skill , Don't say how good it must be , Just be satisfied with yourself .