I hear you want to learn photography? [Series 1 purchasing machine]

2020-11-19 22:16:27  作者:Photography

I want to learn photography , So that their photos are not so amateur or even professional , First you have to have a camera , Then you can start practicing . How to choose a camera , I have prepared the following questions to ask myself , Through these questions , Let's sort out what kind of camera you need to buy .

ask :

1、 How much money do I budget ?

2、 I bought the camera mainly to shoot what ?

3、 Why some cameras are not big but more expensive than SLRs ?

4、 What kind of camera should I buy ?

Explain :

1、 When it comes to the price of the camera , I have to talk about it “ Picture size ” The concept . This is the core imaging part of the camera , It also directly determines the quality of the photos taken .

In general , The bigger the picture is , The more expensive it is . Private opinion , Your start should at least be APS-C Picture size . The specific size comparison is shown in the figure below :