I hear you want to learn photography? [Series 2 basic parameters]

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[ Photography series one —— Camera selection ][Photography series one _ Camera selection]

A good picture , At least make sure the exposure is accurate . So as a novice, how can you quickly improve the overall level of your photos , How about improving the film production rate ? That is to master some basic parameters of photography , And can skillfully adjust to the photos to express the feeling that they want .

The purpose of this article is to introduce some basic parameters of photography , As an introduction to understand , If you want to master , All you need to do is shoot more , While shooting, think about how to set the parameters , And in the shortest time to complete the settings, press the shutter .

Look at the camera in your hand , Is there one M files . Forget about the other gears , The first M When you are proficient in using files, you can go back to study P、A It's a lot easier with semi-automatic gear like that . and Auto This gear , It is recommended that you never touch it except in an emergency .

In my opinion, the basic parameters are as follows , These parameters need to be adjusted according to the actual situation of the shooting scene and the effect we want to express .

1. Shutter value

2. Aperture value

3.ISO value 1、 Shutter value

Shutter (Shutter), Quote the definition of encyclopedia : The shutter is used in camera equipment to control The time the light hits the sensor Device of . Read this sentence several times , Make sure you read this sentence thoroughly , Then the shutter value refers to the time that the light sensor is irradiated by light , That's the exposure time , The unit is in seconds .

So the shutter value on the camera has a number 1, It means exposure time 1 second , In other words, the sensor will record a second after you press and release the shutter .

The shutter value of all cameras is set by multiplying the following values , As for why this is set , It will be mentioned later in the introduction of aperture .

B, T, 30, 15, 8, 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15,1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/8000.

Remember that the above numbers are in seconds , The shorter the time , The higher the shutter speed .

Understand the shutter function by the following sentence : Low speed shutter water flapping silk or even mist , It's called long exposure ; High speed shutter can record the moment of the object moving at high speed , Like racing cars , Athletes .

Understand the above sentence , In fact, the shutter settings are basically mastered , But daily use is you may still often take a false . There's a concept here called “ Safe shutter value ”. So called safe shutter value , It's when you're holding a camera ( Relative to the tripod ), The minimum setting value of your shutter should not be lower than the reciprocal of your current focus value . How do you understand that ? Suppose you're focusing on 100mm, Then your shutter speed should not be lower than 1/100, Otherwise, the picture will be easily blurred by hand shaking . Of course, there is a scope for this , Generally speaking , The minimum limit for people to keep absolutely stable is usually 1/60 second , So unless you have to ,100mm In the case of focal length , It's better not to be lower than 1/60 Second this shutter value .

About shutter basically above these need to pay attention to . As for the shutter between the mirrors , Aperture shutter , Focal plane shutter these shutter types and application range , If you are interested in , Know that most of them are focal plane shutters at present , This knowledge is used when using flash lights .2. Aperture value

aperture , Definition of citation Encyclopedia : Aperture is a lens used to control light through the lens , Enter the light sensitive surface of the fuselage Amount of light Device of .

The key words of the above sentence : Amount of light . in other words , The aperture mainly controls the amount of light entering .

The aperture is mounted in the lens , The central axis coincides with the lens axis , It consists of a group of steel plates , Adjustable size , The more films , The closer we get to the circle , The more beautiful the spot effect after the virtual .