Teach you how to shoot macro with mobile phone

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stay 《 Part 1 》 in , You've seen a lot of wonderful micro displays of mobile phones . If you don't see it, please click the first reference link :

[《 Teach you how to shoot macro with your mobile phone ~ Part 1 》][Teach you how to shoot macro with your mobile phone _ Part 1]![](//inotgo.com/imagesLocal/202011/19/20201119221239827n_13.jpg)

In this 《 The next part 》 in , I'll show you step by step , How to use a mobile phone to achieve such a wonderful macro effect .

here , I use the mate 8 Mobile phones, for example , But I believe that all the mobile phones in your hands can achieve this effect . be prone to , Please follow me step by step .

1, Set your phone pixels to the highest . This is to make the most of every pixel of your phone's sensor , After the realization of subsequent clipping can still get enough high pixel and sharpness . This point , I believe it's easy for you to understand .

2, Open mobile phone “ Touch to take pictures ” function .

When the phone turns on this function , When you take pictures , Where does your finger touch the screen , It's going to focus where , And take pictures at the same time . For example, below , You want the head of a dragonfly to be the clearest , You just click on the head of the dragonfly on the screen , In this way, the image can be clearly focused on the head of the dragonfly , At the same time, it will take pictures automatically after focusing , It's easy .

Focusing time , Click on the dragonfly's head on the mobile phone screen .

3, If the cell phone camera has “MF”( Manual focus ) and “ Macro mode ” function , very good , Please be sure to open them .

After setting this way , The phone lens will force the focus to the nearest point it can focus . What are the benefits of this ? The advantage is , You can adjust the distance between the phone and the subject completely by hand , Thus, it is convenient to find the distance that makes the object clear and the nearest . because , At this point, the object distance of the mobile phone lens has been fixed to the nearest point where it can focus , No more scurrying . Be careful , The shorter the object distance , The bigger the magnification !

Every cell phone “MF” and “ Macro mode ” It's all different on the menu , You look in your cell phone , It's easy to find them . If you can't find , It means that the mobile phone does not have this function , It doesn't matter , Go straight to 4 Step by step .

4, Composition , focusing .

After the above settings , You finally picked up your cell phone , It's time to shoot those lovely little creatures . You have to be careful to approach these insects , Don't scare them away . Slowly approaching it , When it's clear , Touch the screen to take pictures .

5, You can turn on the digital zoom , And adjust it to the maximum multiple .

At present, most mobile phones are digital zoom , In fact, it's the same with the later tailoring , It's bad for the quality of the picture . But it's still important to turn on the digital zoom at this point : (1) Easy composition ,(2) It is easy to observe whether the focus is clear enough .

We are the first 3 Step has already said , Fixed the shortest object distance and opened MF after , Focusing depends entirely on moving your phone back and forth , Judging by the clarity of the screen image . Now turn on the digital zoom , And turn it to maximum , The object on the screen is magnified , It's easier to focus your eyes .

6, Cut and adjust

After the first 4、5 Step after shooting , You've got a better macro shot . however , It's still not ideal , It needs to be processed . Now mobile phones have their own processing software , Click... In the gallery “ edit ” You can process . Here are a few simple items , It can be done easily , And greatly improve the image quality :

(1) Tailoring . Cut with a box , Get the most needed part of the original picture .

After cutting , It also helps to enlarge the visual effect of the rest of the picture . As shown in the figure above, we can get the following effect after cutting :

(2) Adjust contrast 、 Sharpness .

Or that sentence , Macro photography , Sharpness comes first . Increase sharpness properly , The macro effect is doubled .

After the seven steps above , I believe you have got a satisfactory macro map of mobile phone . But the actual effect has to be repeated 、 Explore . Insects can fly , Flowers and plants will swing , In order to focus accurately , You have to be patient and seize the right time , To get the perfect material .

In addition to some of the above techniques , There are other ways , For example, a mobile phone macro lens with tens of yuan on a treasure . I've used , There are many practical limitations , Because the lens is not fixed firmly , It often falls or deflects when shooting . and , The focus distance is too close , It scares away small animals , Or block the light , Unpractical .

Okay , Here's some macro footage I took with my mobile phone , Share with you mobile phone photographers :