Zero basic photography | get familiar with these 10 moves, and then play freely!

2020-11-19 22:16:23  作者:Photography


  1. Simplify the scene

One of the mistakes that beginners can easily make in learning photography is that they are too greedy , I want to take pictures of everything in front of me , I hope other people can see interesting things like myself . Although taking pictures of all the elements can be a good record , But this often makes your photos lack a clear theme , It's so messy , Instead, it lost the meaning of the story . Contrary , Try to simplify the scene as much as possible , Just shoot something really interesting , Remove redundant or unrelated elements , You will find that the theme of the photo will be more prominent .

  1. Fill the frame

If there are many irrelevant things or blank places around a picture , This will cause the protagonist not to stand out , At this point, you can try to fill in the picture as much as possible , Take advantage of the zoom function , Or take a few more steps , Let's enrich the photos .

  1. Make good use of different photo scales

Although horizontal composition is more convenient for hand-held camera shooting , But if every picture is horizontal , It's too boring . Most of the time, vertical composition can also produce beautiful effects , Even better to highlight the theme of the photo . If you don't know which one to shoot , Then try both . also , The scale of the photo doesn't have to be 3:2 or 4:3 Of , Try using the camera 1:1、16:9 In different proportions , This will make your photos more diverse .

  1. Don't always put the subject in the middle

Many beginners always put the subject in the middle of the picture , This sometimes makes the photo look ordinary and unsightly , Try to make good use of the trisection or golden section , Put the subject there 4 At the intersection , It's better to take pictures like this .

  1. Use the guide line

A photo without careful composition often lacks focus , Let the reader not know where to look . To avoid that , Try to find a good one “ Guide line ”, Lead the reader's eyes to the subject . The guiding line doesn't have to be a real line , It could be a row of streetlights 、 A few stones , In short, find an angle to connect these separate objects . Of course, the road 、 Railings and other solid lines should also be used well .

  1. Use diagonals

Diagonal line is also a common composition method , Relative to the horizontal and vertical directions, it mainly expresses the sense of smoothness , Diagonal lines are great for expressing dynamic or energetic effects .

  1. to “ The object of arousal ” Reserve space

When people see an object, they often imagine what it will do in the next second , Or become something ? So when you shoot something that moves ( Whether it's really moving or feeling moving ), Please leave a little space in the direction of its movement , This will make the picture more harmonious .

  1. Virtualize the background , Highlight the subject

This composition method can be said to be a photographer must know , Use the shallow depth of field effect , The subject can be highlighted from a messy or complex background , Not only for portrait shooting , In static objects 、 Landscape feature 、 Architectural photography can also be of great use .

  1. Make good use of color contrast

Use different colors , Give people a different look .

  1. Don't stick to theory , Free play